An idea to balance opr/arena

I have an idea i want to share :
I really hope they add a “lock on” stat, after you queue for a mode
Lets say you have bow + rapier and you queue for arena or opr, you cant change anything after that, gear and weapons, so you’re forced to play like that, this would help a lot if the game notice each player weapons and put each on different teams to balance mode … Like healer on each team in arena … Or same healers and ranged… On opr for each team

Goid idea but its against main core game mechanic classles system, if we dont uave class system you not suppose to lock wepons on player

Its just while you’re playing the mode … You can change class after the mode end … And respec

Yea i know, ,but it still qgains main game mechanic
Overal opr have 5 main problems
1- 5man discord group
3- ppl whu dont care
4-bad scoring system
5-stat paders

Solutions :
1/ make opr only solo queue (when cross server opr is out)
2/ mmr system so that noobs play against noobs
3/ punishement for people who doesnt do any dmg or healing or taking dmg ( like ban from mode for certain time)
4/ fix scoring system
5/ what u mean stat padders ?!

Moust bow man whu dont care about game just foing dmg from outside post ;D

Right. That’s why the dungeon group finder doesn’t have any roles to select right?

Oh wait…

Yeah there is a similiar option on group finder, but it doesnt lock anything, so lot of people can change the gear they link on chat to you … I can link a dps full ward gear and just change to luck gear once im inside

I agree with points 2-5.

Point 1 is not a problem and should not be a problem. At least for me never has been and I mostly play in groups of 2-3, rarely in groups of 5 because people usually rage quit or have ‘something’ to do after each defeat/lose. And I personally avoid those sore losers even if they are company mates.

Noobs will be noobs no matter how easy u make the game or whatever change u are going to do. Will always be noobs asking to nerf this, nerf that because they are unable to learn the game and adapt or use different builds for different situations. They expect to play THEIR 1 build and kill any other weapons combination.

Point 3 and 5 are pretty much the same. In majority OPR’s I barely see people staying to capture the point, just storm out trying to chase enemy to get some points.
Or in many OPR I see people mostly fighting in Forests around/between Forts while enemy are capturing Fort with no defense and NOBODY is bothering to even come at Fort to help.
95% of people are just releasing all their skills instantly everytime their cooldown’s are ready. I dont remember when I saw somebody outside from discord who was holding a CC skill or trying to chain-CC with me or any other team-mate. But here we go back to point 2, many noobs and casuals who arent so dedicated and they just play for their own fun - not for the win.

Scoring system I believe its biggest issue of OPR. Being mainly based on DMG its also a reason why so many people are using ranged builds to get the 3.000 points easier and faster.
Adding DMG Mitigation (DMG Taken) into scoring system I believe it might encourage more players to play defensive builds or Heavy combinations.
So far now we are limited to: ranged - light, bruisers - medium, healers - forced light.
Sure there are a few Heavy here and there, but they truly struggle to get 3.000 points playing solo without a pocket healer.

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Right, so we take the role selection menu from the dungeon finder. Then we take the lock system from arena. Slap them together for when you queue OPR it locks your current weapon and you can only select the desired role if your weapon selected matches the role.

Wow such an easy fix. It doesnt break the core game design because new world doesnt have any core game design any longer. AGS threw that out the window in 2018.

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Forcing people to play solo in MMORPG game.
Golden award fot this one.

Yeah i can see that working … I think its the best thing to balance opr … You have same numbers of healers/ranged/melee on each team … And punishement for people who leave … And people who afk

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De-rank pvp track for leaving an opr in progress and 2 hour lock-out. That is a pretty decent deterrent imo.

And then allow for a 10 minute window to re-enter the match if you leave incase someone get disconnected or game crashes.

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Nah its solo queue not solo mode… Its still opr with lot of people … Just solo queue … Be honest and tell me the last time u queue with group to opr !!? This will fix pocket healers problem too

Evry single day since day1 i play duo/trio with friends.
But i guess you don’t have friends to ask for only solo Q OPR.

I have 3000 hours and i know lot of people … But i dont log in and wait for a full group to play a mode … Most of times i just queue…
And i feel you … Maybe you have pocket healer and you like to go 1v 4 or 5+ and feel strong … But most of us cant have that … And its not how the mode shoùld be played

I agree … Good points

Who are you to explain us how the game should or should not be played ? :sweat_smile:

Your way of talking is kinda rude
Dont wanna do the same so ill just ignore

Most important balance that needs to be done for arenas:

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