An idea to help curb botting?

I am just spitballing some ideas in regard to the current bot epidemic.

If you have any inkling as to the history of bots in MMO’s you know that it is an inevitable eventuality. If there is a demand for RMT then bot farmers will rise to the occasion.

I personally have no idea how to lessen the amount of people demanding it, which would be attacking it at the source. Source being the demand for it.

Most developers of MMO’s have gotten creative in the fight just as the other side did the same. One method that could help curb the CURRENT state would be random events when taking nodes.

An event of some sort whether it be a random enemy spawn that is aggressive. Maybe a quick easy puzzle or an instanced event. These are a few examples, but there is a vast amount of possibilities for what the ‘event’ could be. These events could leave a small reward to the player when completed, but at the same time does not hugely impede REAL players actually gathering the nodes and giving a bonus as well. It will, however, trip up bots…that is until new bots are created to handle it.

Events can be changed slightly or new ones created over time as bot programs catch up.

This is by no means a fix, simply a band-aid.

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