An in game seasonal event would be a mistake right now

I hear there might be plans for a seasonal event…

sorry but i do not have any confidence that ags could pull it off amidst the mess they should be focusing on…

i hope we don’t see a seasonal event until the game is on a better footing.


I agree. They should stay focused on bugs.


do you have a link to the source for that?


LOL the comments…


Nope. Seasonal events are excately the kind of thing they need.
You cannot manage the developers time and for all you know… it’s seperate teams.

From a corporate point of view it would be perfect to make a seasonal thing.


a bug free seasonal event sure, but there are so many issues with the game right now i have no confidence they could pull it off without breaking something else

Speak for yourself, I want the event with candy canes and Santa hats!

I understand the criticism… but I think it might get some positive attention from the public in order to combat the negativity hype train kids and the “Congrats” bullies.

Oh yeah so what is the “event team” been doing till now? Please enlighten us.

Be less self entitled, or try to learn this profession yourself. Disrespectful.
The answer doesn’t matter in any case

Well, we did see some Halloween item’s and to be fair, there has not been an event since then. So if there is a team for event’s we wouldn’t have seen their work yet anyway.

I think Neverwinter had the best event’s. Horrible game mind.

Yeah yeah yeah your every post is useless garbage and im not a programmer but a network administrator and am very familiar with the messes a bunch of morons can create and the popular slogans such as “WE are working on it” while ONE guy that is assigned to the ticket is on vacation.

Yeah release a event and cause another 30 bugs for them to not fix….

Also only 10% of there player base is playing the game at the mo.

They should try getting some of them players back instead of trying to cause more problems

Ah 'nuff said.
Network administrator. I could’ve become one if I decided to lose my mind

If you don’t think we are getting heavy gauntlets of saint Christopher or new world North Pole skin by cyber Monday you got another thing coming

Can’t wait to see how they manage to create a new gold dupe out of snowball fights

Or maybe they’ll just delete some gear when they introduce the Santa skins

I wonder how long would Trade Station be closed if a winter event is organized.

TBH as long as i get to ride Rudolf im all for a seasonal event :stuck_out_tongue: they can’t break much else can they…

Easyyy, shutting down EU and rolling it backwards.