An Open Letter to AGS and the Playerbase


I agree 100% with you, and the most imperfect players, always seems to want perfection from others.


True but painful. Discourse not just in the US but globally seems to be devolving into shouting matches. Maybe I’m just looking through rose tinted goggles, but it seems like people used to be more civil in concern to contentious topics.

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I guess I am just getting old lol. No Social Media when I was growing up. The way ppl talk to each other online is sad.


that’s what i was trying to convey Thank u

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stuff like this even. 2 Minutes, really man? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

stuff like this even. 2 Minutes, really man? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Just sad.

From what I can see the version of the game that was released seems to be an old beta version, very rough and from what I saw from that version a lot of features were not implemented or working the way it is intended to be. Then we got Into the Void patch last week. Now this patch was not a quick thing to come up with, there was clear planning and extensive hours of programming involved in this, also it came out 1 month after retail release of the game.

What we were sold was an inferior version of the game that they didn’t intend to be the retail version of the game, “the Retail” show room quality game. Which is what they are trying to fix right now. So why? imagine there was some pressure from Amazon to have the game out on the market by Christmas to start giving back to Amazon some of the money the development of the game owed the company. They know as gamers we’ll accept a game in poor condition or not because its a new game.

Now 2 things , would waiting one month more been that much to ask just to keep the population’s enjoyment of the game at an acceptable level, then put the pop through what we been through over the last few weeks. I know if they had held off 1 more month and released Into the Void as the retail version with all its balancing and nerfing the population would have a far lower anger level.

I’m tired of being treated badly by gaming companies, serving up sub par games knowing that they will still make X-amount of millions and knowing that they didn’t do their best, that after release they can string us along while they try to get the game to a standard that will keep us happy but not tax them excessively.

For Amazon to enter the gaming market with such a flawed release shows the world how serious they are about treating customers. This game should have sparkled right from the outset and made a big splash but all it did was make a small plop and sent out ripples of displeasure which are growing in mass and intensity.

Hear, Hear!!

I could not agree more with you @TylerChicken! It is important that it is pointes out as you so rightfully do. No one of us will earn anything on this extremely toxic part of the community. Why is it so hard to be a bit more respectful I just ask.

dude devs are not reading through the forum like you think, they don’t have time to fix this hot mess you think they will be reading this stuff. i am not trying to berate anyone but whats stupid is stupid if people don’t say it their money money team will push them more so all the screaming may help them. the community relays people are big mad about us rushing stuff and not fixing existing stuff so they don’t push devs more and more and then in return devs get more time to fix their stuff win win although saying bad things is not right

From a technical view the game is a mess which is not a question of “opinion”!

Its just that we care about the problems and you dont care. Now u want us to dont care anymore ?

The only thing your post brings in such a tense period is even more division in the community

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They don’t listen to the community, and they lie to us. This game has been very badly managed. Players online count is down to 38,000 from 900,000 on steam charts as of nov 23. And how many r bots? This is bad, and no one can argue that the game is healthy at this point. I have not played for weeks, and the devs have done/said nothing to entice me to return.

Maybe it’s time for them to take the mmo down and salvage it by selling it to a competent company. This is a kind post, I could have been much more harsh, but the fanboys will find fault no matter what u say if it is at all negative. In the end they will be the only ones left playing this game. Unless of course major change comes, I’m not holding my breathe. Nothing but disappointment has emerged from this title as of late.

its 2021 and people are still making dogshit games
People get tired of being nice after being lied to for so long


How is making hidden changes ( and big changes) without telling the players, “catering the playerbase” ?

The game is in good shape for a recently release MMO.
You lied to yourself thinking that New WOrld is going to be on the same level as a 10-years-in-development MMO. Then you woke up from your self-induced hallucinations and start moaning in here until someone gives you candy to shut you up.

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Maybe they should think before pushing ridiculous nerfs completely killing off weapons in the live build? :thinking:

The game went through extensive beta with very little impact of player feedback.

The game launched unfinished and bug riddled and more player feedback.

More dumpster fire patches created more issues and fixed very few problems.

Im sure you can understand why customer’s are resorting to what you consider toxicity towards AGS.

Maybe people are malding for these reasons :

  1. They paid for a released game, not to be alpha testers
  2. Why dev would release a big patch with a new weapon, when your game is already broken on so many levels

And it looks like now there is a dungeon key dupe ongoing LMAO

This is a lie. Items and gold dupes, I can understand. I can’t believe it’s still a thing in 2021 but it happens.

Content being destroyed by massive fails is not acceptable

  • Armor type bonuses weren’t working
  • Perks or gems not working or being too strong
  • Big lags in war and mass PvP scale
  • Weapons not hitting correctly or too OP
  • Now, weapons unbalanced

Imagine playing a DotA or LoL game, your skills don’t land, and your items don’t have the effect listed in its description.

No, the game is NOT in good shape, to be fair, it’s the first MMO which has so many critical issues = they affect GAMEPLAY

You haven’t been playing MMOs for long, have you?

No, just since WoW Vanilla and pretty much everything since lmao

Ok, name one MMO where 50% of your gear/spells don’t work as intended in the description

I was just recently farming hard Warhammer RoR, you know a 2009 game working better on a private server than NW LMAO