And so my watch has ended

Hey yall,

I’m Theak (Diranda US West), I sunk about a month of playtime into New World (750 hours)

I participated in nearly 25 wars (17 attacking) in my time playing and have over 100 hours in OPR with countless hours open world PvPing. I played Dex pre buff, GA/WH post Res nerf (mostly for wars), & VG/IG in current state. While I consider myself a decent player that consistently gets picked up for wars and pinged for OPR premades I have made the decision to cut the gangrenous limb (New World) from my body (life).

This is why…

While owning a territory reaps insane amounts of income it creates a belligerently massive disparity in ability for non territory owning companies or individuals to gear themselves or compete on a similar level without quite simply an unhealthy investment amount of time. A company making 1 mil each week has the ability to completely buyout the market of all it’s high end crafting materials pretty much creating a crafting embargo or enforcing a malicious premium on players.

Crafting is NOT working as intended, if rolling items between GS 595-600 you publicize a 1 in 6 chance to get a 600 GS item. This is NOT the case. I rolled 212 pieces of armor/weapons between myself and fellow crafters over a course of 2 weeks (between armoring, jewelcrafting, arcana & weaponsmithing) for a whopping 17 of 212. At first I thought hey maybe my luck was just bad. For any who have kept statistics please share as well (no anecdotals please). That’s an 8% chance of rolling a legendary not 16%. (there also may be an internal diminishing returns CD on crafting AGS is keeping from us)

On my server it goes so far as companies paying people hefty sums of money not to signup for wars. It has also gone as far as buying other players permanently, pushing influence to get declares on holidays and extreme levels of open world griefing.

When it comes to the PvP aspects of this game AGS has gone above and beyond to show that exploitation of “not working as intended mechanics” goes unpunishable. Matchmaking is inconsistent and frequently results in landslide loss or victory OPR. Abuse of the musket has resulted in a long ques (One example of this is a company frequently queing 5 BiS geared muskets to run directly to enemy spawn at beginning of the game and insta kill anyone who leaves). Rapier fleche, year long riposte invuln window, evade, and multiple roll has quite literally made a halfway decent dex player nearly immortal in most scenarios. Also the fact there is no diminishing returns to stacking CC of the same type after 3 months is painfully amateur. Screamed so much my ears hurt.

The level of toxicity from the game at the base level before even getting to the malicious conduct of many of the players puts this game into the category of Bronze Ranked matches in League of Legends, Roof Camping in Rust & Warzones state for the last few months.

I believe the 46% player decline in the last month alone speaks to this.

Mercy upon the masochists who ride this Titanic.


Had me till you complained about riposte and rolling lol, riposte is so easy to counter.

That’s absolutely true. Winning faction just becomes stronger and stronger and can even fully control the market, leaving the underdog even further behind as people will tend to try to join a winning faction and a losing faction can’t gear themselves up despite being outnumbered.

I have never seen such a poor system design in my life. Territory attacks should be EASIER than defending so that the territories switch hands every now and then. What most servers have right now is guilds holding profitable territories, which makes it pretty much impossible to take those away from them and they just keep making millions of gold every week - many probably selling gold in RWT later on, while underdogs are picking up scraps and just becomes weaker and weaker as people leave in frustration.

On my server it came to an absurdity in which dominating faction was forfeiting territories just so they can poach like 1/3 of decent players of the already losing factions which had 1 shitty territory. Stupid. Just stupid. If no changes are made, we can only imagine the pathology witnessed in 2-3 months from now (or death of the game as people won’t have anyone to fight with and every server will be mono-color).

I agree. The factions, territory control and war system is broken by design.

Sadly, I don’t see how they could even fix that. The money collected by the big companies is in the market now. The weird rent change has multiplied that problem.

Personally, I’d try to

  • negate the existing gold by introducing a new currency, massive inflation or just wiping it all and
  • make all gold generated by taxes into a currency bound to the settlement, so that it can only be used for settlement upkeep and upgrades and is kept by a company taken over the territory.

The current system creates a downward spiral. The most powerful companies accumulate more gold, resources, players and thereby territories. Sadly - and I know some will disagree or feel hurt by it - PvP guilds in MMOs tend to attract the most aggressive and questionable characters. The PvP settlement/war system thereby also tends to make kings out of idiots.

It is weird and a bit sad, but in the end, PvP in MMORPGs is the source of so many problems, and despite all fiddling, it can never be “solved”. Better to avoid or trivialize it, e. g. by separating it from the PvE and crating part.

So we see open world PvP players who actually DON’T want to PvP and are REDUCING PvP everywhere on the server.
@Lane @Zin_Ramu

Removing all player influence from Settlements is long overdue. It would improve PvP activity overall as well as close a lot of exploits.

it’s extremely easy to counter, tell that to the 3 ooga ooga bois around you still swinging into it that allows the other player to get it off.

yeah half the people I see i riposte aren’t even using a hard skill they don’t even realize you can dodge the stun rofl, probably the same ones complaining

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