Annwyn extreme lag and ruined war

Quick overview what is happening in Annwyn windsward - Annwyn extreme lags. - YouTube

Literally game breaking. Lag detected every 3 seconds for like 20-30 seconds.
People getting kicked from war without being able to rejoin. Not only current game loop is boring af since outpost rush is disabled but the best content available right now is ruined by extreme lags. This kind of lag started after patch 1.0.3. Reekwater and windsward and other regions which were lagging badly are now just getting lag detected all the time. For a while it was just lag detected every 40ish minutes but now you can’t literally play the game.

EDIT: Waiting for server to crash and reboot is not an option. This finally needs to get fixed. Why some regions are always suffering other are completely without lags. Everfall running seamless, windsward lagging badly without functioning AH.