Anonymous is Recruiting

Host Name:PeresPero


  1. Who we are?
    WE ARE ANONYMOUS - We aim to be a English speaking company from a variety of servers and guilds who have come together for competitive PvP. As a company we are constantly looking to be engaged in PvP content from wars, open world pushes and regular events. What are we looking for?
  • Players with a high level of activity both in game and in our Discord. - Skilled players with a good knowledge and ability to play your build with a competitive mindset. - Regular participation in PvP events such as territory pushes, training events and wars. - Players who have the ability to work as a team and provide clear comms/follow calls. - VODs recorded for all war gameplay which can be provided where requested to assist in training. - Speak and understand a good level of English. If you want to apply please join the discrod link below and apply in the recruitment form. WE ARE EAGER TO MEET YOU.