Another Bot Caught But AGS Not Doing Anything?

So i just caught yet another bot farming away in EU Central FAE.
So i recorded it yet again to post here for solid evidence for the devs.
So devs what are you doing about these bots ?
They have destroyed your game.
The bot user has made mats prices high then bot farms it all up and sells just under that high price which is still an extremely high price which means the actual players cant farm the mats and cant buy them.
Its really not that hard to ban all these bots. And yet you have tons of players providing you with solid 100% evidence.
Watch how the bots always jump now and then when running and randomly stop on the spot for no reason. Then notice that they run up to empty nodes and try to get them. You can see the animation go to start then stop. Blatant evidence Ban them all !!!


Just think of the bots as NPCs who collect resources to sell you at low prices through buy orders and you will feel a lot better about their existence.

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if only the bots sell at high prices which makes it a massive problem

Bot World

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Thank you for your report - however, no one on the forums has the ability to assist with in-game moderation. Iā€™d highly recommend submitting your video evidence here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games so that the Game Moderation team can review.