Another Break - Issues at hand

Like a lot of us. I took a break 3-4 months after launch. When I did, muskets were causing so much havoc on the OPR field.

I come back 2 weeks ago cause ‘hype train’ and back to pvping and OPRs are being dominated by 40, 50, 70 killshot Musket players ONLY. Imagine troddling down to the next objective and being 2 shotted with 11.5k HP. With 25-30% thrust resistance AND Battle Bread. This should not be in the game. It’s toxic.

Every Update you at AGS you guys give is ‘It takes skill to use the musket’ etc. If so, and granted it may it shouldn’t dominate the field and give players no other incentive but to just walk out.

It’s as if, these Devs main Musket classes because the Rapier/musket combo is the cream of the crop with all the perks and no downside. I wonder why?

Meanwhile Mages took massive nerfs to both Fire/Ice abilities. But lets leave Muskets alone? GAxe players took hits on Well, Striking distance etc.

Basically, what I’m saying is. Where are the stronger nerfs to Muskets? When these players can dive into Armor Piercing/Magic Dmg/Dot Dmg on their weapon it really doesn’t matter how much thrust protection you have.

New Expansion coming out, was hyped for it really. Now I’ll probably sit back and watch this game turn into ash I suppose. The cries for help on the player front for this issue have been expressed time and time again. Posts after posts about Muskets being a big issue goes on deaf ears. AGS would rather cradle Musket babies until the building collapses.

Don’t say the community hasn’t warned you. PvP in this game is a really bad joke. Here is a list of glaring issues.

  • Ability delay? Why
  • Statistic menu bug every few OPR matches
  • Icy pylon button key gets bugged in OPR and have to restart the game
  • Played a mage, Mage classes need some real escape mechanics and proper slows that is NOT in range of a Dash/Leap/what have you. UnNerf the class and make them feel threatening again.
  • Muskets, Muskets, Muskets. They should never be 2 tapping people with optimal gear. We have no counter play. 2 dodges and hope for cover nearby?
  • House teleport reset should always work on the first time and not have me reopen the map to get it cleared.

It’s a rant because I tried to come back and love the game. It’s a rant because AGS can do better to make this game shine. People come to these boards to express concerns for hopeful development, to keep the player base glued, to enjoy the game for what it brings.

Fix the imbalances because New World is at the core, a PvP game first. I know I’m not the only one tired of these Musket OPR where Zero objects get done and it’s just a killing spree of who gets the most the fastest.

Sad times. Hope it gets looked into soon otherwise I’ll be permanently done. This isn’t just me that feels this way, its 90% of what players you did have.


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Hello @Teardropz98,

First and most important I want to thank you for your feedback, this kind of post help us to provide the visibility of what you as player feel that needs to be worked on.

I will move your post to the feedback section of the forum and I will share it with the team in charge of handling this requests.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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Musket should be reduced in effectiveness after 100m. Less damage and projectile drop from 100m. That would fix a lot of problems in OPR.

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