Another bugs post

Ripping some things off the top of my head that need fixing…

Sometimes my weapon does no damage, its frequency is rare but it definitely happens. Happened with my hatchet and my hammer but on different days. You see the animation connect with the mob but no damage is done.

This weekend (10.17) in a war i looked like a fool because my hammer did NOTHING . Animation wouldn’t even work i kept pressing the mouse button nothing. I was killed a couple times due to this bug, the opposing player probably thought i was a moron that didnt know how to attack.

Getting stuck in rocks happens more than i like…in reality its probably once every 20 hrs played but i think once is enough.

Spawn rates in this game are flat ridiculous. Without exaggeration some mobs respawn in under 60 secs.

Not an error but an observation…the jump animation looks straight stupid.

You can tell rhis is Amazons first mmorpg as these are pretty noob bugs for a dev to make…especially spawn rates (have you no QC department?)…

There’s a ton more things but im tired abd want to go to bed.

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