Another day passes and still silence from NW on Locked Servers

Another day passes without queues and still all the servers are locked. Can someone give us an official response at AGS as to why this is? Lot’s of people have friends and family they want to play with and can’t.

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I imagine the old statements still apply.

I would imagine that they’ll update us as soon as they’re able to get things functioning properly no?

I wonder sometimes if the expectations people put on the AGS team are equally as efficient at resolving every single customer issue they might encounter with such haste. xD

That really isn’t a solution. There’s people that want to play the game now. NW shouldn’t be saving a seat at the table for people that “might” want to come back in a few weeks. If the queues pop up again they can lock servers and offer transfers again or open new servers. Any “returning” players for Brimstone will easily be off-set by players leaving to go to fresh start. All they are doing right now is frustrating their current player base. If they don’t realize all the stuff I just said then I have little hope they’ve changed from the last time I played and people were leaving left and right.

especially when people want to spend money no, not later , not tomorrow ! I do not understand what is it taking them so long …sheer lack of care ? no communication with community or player base at all !

MERGE MERGE MERGE! Merge all servers. What do we want? Merges! When do we want them? NOW! All server must be one before new patch.

Thats a bit extreme. I like the smaller server vibe and more companies owning territories… Honestly, i’d be fine with smaller servers and shared queues.

And this is a problem how?

would be even better if there was at least two - three cities(or villages , make fort also more alive with NPC and things to do or get quests from) in each territory, so that each of them could be either conquered by one company and rule whole territory or each of them would be conquered by different company thus giving different bonuses to players to farm, XP etc

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