Another nerf (fix?) for named INT Ring on PTR

The starstone mutation named INT ring on PTR got nerfed. Previously it was keen/fire dmg and you got a third perk for 600 gs. Now on nwdb, it becomes refresing/fire dmg. I understand it could be just a fix since keen and fire dmg should not be able to roll together. But why not also fix the named ring drop from BS for str and dex together, like Legate’s Ring, Heart of Maahebgal etc? We all already know you HATE INT, AGS. But you REALLY do not need to make it this obvious lol


What a joke.

Am this close to lose all my hope tbh, in the next dev update if they dont talk about mages i wont care about combat anymore

Until the main dev can’t solo 3 FT players the nerfs won’t stop coming.

Being forced to play a class that i don’t wanna is making me log in less and less

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I don’t get it. They’re just removing all of the reasons to run this dungeon. Fire Damage and Keen Awareness isn’t even BIS when Invigorated Punishment and Fire Damage or Keen Awareness exists.

Alright you have convinced me. I am boarding the AGS hates mages train. Officially buahaha.

Great axe users can get the slash, hearty keen named ring from BSS but when mages are given one similar, the third perk is random… Then they remove keen buahaha leaving the slash damage one untoouched.


Yeah come on AGS you’ve got a slash ring that follows this pattern of slash damage crit and hearty can we not get a ring that has the same?

It would actually start pushing fire staff to be more viable

This just a joke with amount of named items for any other attribute(mostly str/dex) and none from lunch is for mages. Can someone show me any named item for mages that are actually viable? I am just curious.

ja pierdole.

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Im bumping this thread out of annoyance with the state of mage named items.

I have all of the strength and and dex rings, yet all the mage named items arent that great. Band of Daemon? Split stat, with a lightning absorption gem that cant be replaced. Kinda decent otherwise i guess. The Last Prophecy, single stat at least, but has empowered…no one cares about having your empowered last 28% longer. Signet Ring of the Forger, no hearty, and, crippling? Again, no one cares about our slows lasting 28% longer. Heart of Luxandra, leeching, refreshing, and slash damage? Why would I use this ring even as a mage, when i can put on Gash, or Heart of Aviva? There may be other int named jewelry I dont have, but im guessing they’re probably bad as well.

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Another day of hate crime agaisnt mages from AGS. I’m not even meming, I’m just tired of being the most useless class in every both pve and pvp mode (and still getting nerfs)

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Keen and fire cant roll together but watch Legate’s Ring. AGS just hates fire mages.