Another new all time peak, hope you ready for weekend

and we have (again) new all time peak, even after all server problems people are more and more interested in playing the game. I hope you’re ready for weekend, because no doubt (it’s my guess actually) there is a chance we can hit 900k or maybe even one mil this weekend.

Adding over 40 new servers for Europe is very cool, but I think it’s still not enough.

I’m ready! I can’t wait :blush:. Glad I rerolled on a newer server yesterday.

I rerolled on a new server they just launched recently, I wasn’t able to join my server from day one… over 2500 people in queue, it’s not possible to wait for me. I just hope I can play this weekend on my new server, if not… well… Xbox just added Scarlet Nexus to game pass, so I’ll play other games I guess. :smiley:

Yeah, I’m ready to hunker down and give it a go this weekend on the least popular server I can find. I doubt queues will be an issue but if so, oh well, I’ll play something else and try again later.

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