Another official complaint on recent healing nerfs

Having heavy and Lights Embrace was the only way, imo, to compensate for most of the groups. That’s pve and pvp. Heavy gave a good balance between getting dominated by whatever and surviving more than half the time.

Now I feel like a toddler with band aids rushing into a room of college football stars playing football.

This has become a terrible experience. And before those of you who don’t actually play heal gripe about this post one way or another, try it, I dare you. Switch to lifestaff and whatever (obviously VG will help most) and play the game for awhile.
I guarantee you won’t last a week because it’s just terrible now.

Idk, I lived to heal, but I will take the hint, you don’t want healers to have fun.


Hey there Kungpao, I appreciate that you took the time to come to the forums to give your feedback, I will make sure to get it sent up the chain for you so the Dev team can have a look. Take care!

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Wow, thanks for the response, thought it might get lost in everything.

I really like the game, but this patch hurt.

People who are willfully ignorant pretend like rend and disease cap isn’t at 50% with ways to mass dispel buffs to make LE shit. They do none of these things and then complain.


Maybe I will switch to LS. I played it during the PTR for arenas and had a blast, tried VG but rapier felt better. All the healers I know prefer rapier over VG at least in wars. Can’t believe this “constructive” post gets a mods attention.

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How do we mass dispell buffs right now?

Sure, the disease cap was at 50%. Disease is also a joke. Rend is by far the better anti-heal.

how do I get a response on my posts? I come forward with fairly decent recommendations for pvp faction missions and I dont even get so much as a, “we’ll look into that.”

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So I am a bruiser build that complains about healers, but the problem was not at all on how much they can heal it is the pain of trying to catch a healer.

Light Armor mobility is good. In good hands renders healers way too difficult to kill regardless of attackers skill. A healer without riposte gets shit on or has lower heals and pulls out VG for a ripe cuckening of the attacker and if they don’t run VG then it’s rapier for supreme survivability that’s better than running heavy.

If riposte was gone or if it required 100 Dex to equip a rapier, healers could have 0 cast times and be balanced. Riposte is the issue.

Riposte has always been the issue.


Nobody wants SnS/IG. Nobody wants GA/IG. Nobody wants SnS/VG. Nobody wants LS/Rapier.

People are forced to use these combos to be effective because they are superb. Not even the people who use it respect it, it’s effective and that’s all it is.

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i think you’ve been missing the point then. its the healers job to not get hit. they are supposed to be squishies. the fact that they are hard to hit is kinda the point. traveling with companions that compliment your weakness is the point of this mmo. you arn’t supposed to be the terminator, your supposed to be good at what your good at and let others take up your slack. you can try to be a jack of all trades master of none. but then you would be running around with muskets and hatchets, wearing heavy armor which would be a silly build.

LE tracks “Lifestaffbuff” not “Buff” tag, the important healing spells cannot be debuffed as they have the “Lifestaffbuff” not “Buff” tag. Dispel abilities only target the “Buff” tag.

You cannot believe eveything you read on the in-game tool tips.

I want all of these… I also want Bow/SnS, LS/IG, GA/VG, FS/BB, IG/Hatchet… all of it.

Diversity is GOOD for this game. Homogenous builds would be boring (and get old real quick), more people would then take breaks and quit.

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While I agree, it’s the balance of being able to do these combos that is bad.

IG when put on light, melee bruiser builds gives that weapon more lockdown, it’s good, it’s strong, it’s viable.

People cry about it, it gets nerfed, then IG when used how it’s supposed to, is dog shit.

It’s not about the feasibility of it, it’s about the balance of the game being too difficult with the allowance of these combos.

Maybe I’m full of shit but imo these combos make the game impossible to balance.

I’d love to see synergy trees as I’ve said hundreds of times so they have a way to individually balance each combo so that weapons don’t have to get gutted because of a certain duo of weapons. I’d much rather see that then bar these combos. But alas, we have neither and balance is terrible. Lol

This is exacly a reason why you cant ballance builds. Weapons have to be limited or require min. amount of given attribute. All builds mention before are stupid. Only issue is we dont have to many weapons to chose from when it comes to focus. But we can make weapons like VG also scale with focus or sth.

INT-based IG is not bad now. Pylon is really good now, Storm is technically buffed due to changes to dodge range with slows, and IG got a perfect perk for non-crit builds in Alactritous Punishment (ideal on Lazarus Replica) and Invigorated Punishment (which stacks with Ice DMG on a ring). It takes some work and crafting, but this pushes non-crit IG damage up a lot. Storms shred people.

That said, I do think due to the adding of diminishing returns they can undo the previous nerfs to Ice Spike, and other things in the past that was nerfed due to lock down comboes.

I was definitely not saying IG is dog shit right now. It’s arguably the most used weapon in the game for good reasons, I was just saying if combos that abuse IG for it’s CC are strong, in order to balance them, IG as a whole will get nerfed and then be dog shit.

IG doesn’t need a buff whatsoever. Nuh uh. Ice spike can already hit a medium with 2 opal’s for 7.5k. I’m good on that. Lol. Wish I had it recorded but me and another guy got Gwelled and before the GA could even come to us, we got ice spiked. 80% to 0% REAL QUICK! Nuh uh, nope.

I didn’t scream it was OP. I typed in area chat, NICE FUCKING SPIKE HOLY SHIT!

Doesn’t need a Nerf, doesn’t need a buff. What it needs is less cheese builds abusing ice storm and shower before it DOES get nerfed.

Tbh I don’t think these chees builds are as good as you say, and definitely not better than an INT IG users storm. Utility weapons are good for the game, you need to have more options as each weapon only has 3 skills. We need things like offhand Entomb/Shower for a defensive option for any weapon, same as the entire Grace tree for evasive mobility… those players sacrifice damage to gain this utility so there is already a trade off. Same as tanks who use VG as a second to apply debuffs (they have zero dmg), we need those options to create diversity and counterplay.

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True. I just think GA/IG being meta is dumb. It works, but I think it’s dumb as hell. Lol. You have a very good point though.

(I’d still like to see a mastery tree for each weapon combo)

It is a bit off topic, but is GA/IG still meta on your server? I know there has not been many wars in new patch, so no really meta per say. But for us, we have seen sacred ground being more powerful than ever, and in response more Disease becoming meta (plagued crits, plagues splitting grenade, putrefying scream) i.e. more offhand VGs than IGs. We still have IGs, but they are more on the mages/BBs now.

I’m not sure tbh. Every engagement I see an ice shower/storm and an oblivion. I haven’t paid attention enough to see who exactly is running it, plus I haven’t been in a war lately, I’m out skilled by all these mega companies on Maramma. Only OPR I’ve played since patch I pressed N and got kicked. I’m out of touch minus doing solo 3v3’s. Which sucks. Lol.

My company merged and changed colors, then I joined another company and they transferred off Maramma. I joined another company but I don’t know anybody so I’m trying to get my feet wet again in group play. This last month a lot has changed.

VG is a lot more common from what Ive seen though. Before and after patch.

It’s rough out here. Lol.