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For those who don’t know, Ironman mode (inspired by the game mode of the same name from Runescape/Old School Runescape) consists of a solo, self-sufficient playstyle. Most commonly this game mode boils down to ‘no assistance from other players’ - that means no trading, no auction house, and certain in-game activities that could be abused being blocked - i.e. you can’t get loot from a monster if a ‘non-Ironman’ player was involved in its defeat. This playstyle promotes being a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and exploring the full extent of content the game has to offer, instead of hyper-focusing on a specific farming technique or method to make as much money as possible and buy BIS gear from the trading post.

New World should make this mode an optional setting that’s enshrined in the properties of a character via a set of in-game flags, set at character selection or shortly into the ‘tutorial beach’, similar to how Runescape sets this before leaving Tutorial Island. To prevent new players from being messed up, players should be able to opt out of ironman mode at any point in case they’ve accidentally set the mode. Longer term Ironman accounts who want to preserve this property should be able to ‘lock’ their Ironman mode via a series of in-game events or completions - in New World, achieving level 60 under Ironman restrictions should be sufficient for most players to figure out if they want to keep with the restrictions or not.

Below is an example of what the Ironman restrictions might look like:

Ironman Restrictions

All forms of wealth transfer disabled (player trading, trading post, treasury interaction - similar to previosuly applied global restrictions, but applied permanently to accounts with the Ironman flag)

No first-home buyer discount

Receive no experience or loot from a monster damaged by another player (outside of Expeditions^)

Receive no experience or loot from player killing

Cannot receive rewards for participating in Outpost Rush

Cannot receive gold from Corrupted Invasions, or equippable items from Corrupted Invasion chests^^

Receive no bonuses for territory being controlled by their faction (including luck, gathering, tax bonuses, and free supply carts). Apiaries/wells are OK

Receive no bonuses for territory being controlled by their company. Includes tax and property discounts.

Receive no performance bonuses for participation in Wars or Invasions. Only the default, lowest bonus is awarded.

^This is to allow Ironman accounts to participate in Expeditions, but effectively locks them out of open world elite farms/zergs. Some other restrictions might be: Cannot join an Expedition opened by another player, unless that player is also an Ironman account (i.e. an Ironman account must make and use the key to get in. Non-Ironman accounts can then participate in the Expedition as normal)

^^This is to allow Ironman accounts to participate in Corrupted Invasions and receive other necessary invasion rewards - Azoth, standing, and Corrupted Slivers. If a chest would
contain nothing but an item, no chest drops.

Hardcore Ironman Restrictions

All of the above Ironman restrictions, PLUS Hardcore restrictions inspired by RS3:

You begin the game with one ‘life’. Through the course of levelling you gain the ability to purchase up to two additional lives; one at level 30 for 25,000 coins, and one at level 60 for 250,000 coins.

You can be defeated (knocked down), and revived by other players, without impacting your number of lives.

Upon death^:
** You drop all currently equipped and carried items
** Your current ‘life counter’ is decremented by 1
** If you have no more lives, your Hardcore status is removed.

^ Note that not all ‘deaths’ would be treated equal. Deaths in Invasions, Wars, Outpost Rush, and (possibly) Expeditions/key gated content should not count as ‘real deaths’ and should not decrement your Life Counter. This is because death is a core part of these activities and should not be treated as ‘real’ deaths (equivalent in concept to ‘safe deaths’ in OSRS/RS3 minigames).

Ultimate Ironman Restrictions

*All of the above Ironman restrictions, PLUS:

Your default Storage space in settlements is 0, and can only be extended via Furnishing Chests. Territory standing for storage increases does not apply.

Dropped items are instantly deleted, and not discarded into a loot bag on the ground.

You cannot move while overencumbered.

Your PVP flag is permanently set to Enabled, and cannot be disabled. You remain safe in Settlements, but venturing into the open world risks PvP at any time.

Upon death, you drop your entire inventory and equipped items.

Ultimate Hardcore Ironman Restrictions

All of the above Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman restrictions

There’s no need for any particular rewards or cosmetics beyond maybe a title (‘Ironman’, ‘Hardcore Ironman’ etc.) - the experience of playing in this mode, setting goals and achieving them is reward enough.

What do you reckon? This is a first crack at what the ‘Iron’ restrictions might look like in New World after playing a few hundred hours - obviously we wouldn’t have to keep the same terminology, you could call it ‘Aeternumman’ or ‘Starmetalman’ just as easily - but the principal should be consistent to promote a self-sufficient and trading-divorced style of gameplay that some of us find very fun!

Are there any other fans of RS ironman content that would like to see something similar? Have I missed any obviously exploitable mechanics or ways to bypass the restrictions? Do you think I’m goddamn crazy?

This is a rewrite of an earlier post that received a lacklustre response. Looking forward to seeing anyone’s feedback.

True Ironman Mode

You die: Your character is deleted and gotta do it again.

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This. @OP I dont want them wasting ANY time making this, when YOU have the power to just delete your character on death. This serves zero purpose other than waste DEV time.

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