Another user of macros for skinning

This player has a 100% chance to use a macro to remove the skin, which is a violation of the game code, gaining an advantage over other players. Please take action against this player as numerous complaints from various players have come to nothing. And also check for involvement in the sale of game gold, as he was very often seen in the same place. I bring video evidence on different days by several people. My ping is 65. Thanks in advance!

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I would recommend reporting them both in-game and over the web ticket system. Sadly AGS can’t specifically help over the forums.


Thank you duplicated your appeal

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Hello @Karnazhuk.Val,

Thanks for sharing this information with us, as @JakeL mentioned sadly we don’t have the option to review this directly, the best way to report it is through the link he shared, if you have done it once already then a second o third report is not necesary.

With the first one made the team will be able to review the details and take the needed actions.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!