Answer to all those "Nerf GA" TSs. Time to stop nerfs mentality!

Great Axe shouldn’t be nerfed

Buff for another(others) weapon types instead
Buff armor types instead
Will help to maintain mentality of community much more

Time to stop nerfs mentality!

Yes it needs a nerf. I use GA/Hammer btw and it is very oppressive.

The problem is they nerfed weapons with lots of bugs and perks that didn’t even work THEN fixed the bugs which lowered further the damage and some bugs still linger.

Trying to balance things when they were not working as intended was a bad move. They had to deal with bugs first before attempting any type of balance.

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Just reduce the lunge range to about half or something, and i think we are gucci for singular great axe balance.

I personally think the lunge is okay, however the swing speed should be lowered significatively.

You won’t win this argument
Too many QQ to overcome
Just train up GA and wreck the terribads

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