Anthem vibes tbh

I loved anthem, but it just couldn’t get past its issues quickly enough. This feels legitimately exactly the same. I’m actually sad.

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Afaik, Anthem Devs were pretty good, but their Leaders were just awful. terrible decision after terrible decision. And many knew it was gonna be DOA.

Here, the whole AGS seems to be learning how to make games. So at least there’s hope this game will improve.

Gotta wait it out or take a break or find something else until they learn how to fix the game. Judging by the steam charts, there’s tens of thousands literally waiting for this…

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More like the whole AGS is learning how to code. This is literally a college project at this point with some really talented asset artist.

Avitus is correct, this is a wait and see situation, Anthem took 6-7 months to die and New World has only been around for 2 months. Let’s just see how the next few months play out first.

God Anthem had such potential, i loved the heck out of it but no end game and the bugs killed it. Hopefully New World has a more No Man’s sky revival and not the Anthem style.

Best thing to do is to step away from the game as to not burn out on it until it’s in a better state.

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