ANTI-Cheat aimbot

when is amazon adding anti cheat in this game ? OPR is filled with musket users using aimbot…there’s no where someone cannot miss a single shot even when you’re behind a tree and impossible to be seen… ?


EAC EasyAntiCheat is pretty good but you cant do anything against cheaters if they ban one cheat it wont take long till the next one is up , sadly there will be always loosers who cant play fair and ruin the game for everyone

+1 thats why they should remove pvp luck as they did to handle the fishing cheater bots when removed gold from chests+nerfed them to make them totally worthless.

Will it happen? Don’t think so. Amaz0nas LETSS GOOOO

20 years of Counter-Strike
1 yeear of VALORANT

both games still have aimbots.

Obs.: Aim is the core skill, so… what do you think?

Maybe if the game would be pre-installed shipped on a SSD and had it own operation system that absolutly leaves no space to be modified the aimboters would finally vanish. And if you tried to open the SSD physically it would literally self destruct.

but its dream thinking.

PC cheaters always win with the current established anti cheat measurments. Seeing that even playstation 5 console gets cracked there is no hope that any online game will ever be absolutly free of cheaters.

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Yes I can’t imagine doing outpost rush without the added PvP luck. /sarcasm

You people losing your shit over boons to PvP should try out 76, you can make a nice solo world there where no one can ever touch your pixels again.


This is New World My love.

Actually from a coding point of view stopping cheaters is a simple process, you simply need to encrypt every file with 256bit encryption (that is end to end from the client to the server.) No company as of yet has bothered.

Why? Cheaters are addicts, they get banned and they are back buying the game, or if even it’s a free game will buy in-game currency to spend on “skins”. Thus they become an extra revenue stream.

You’ll find the expensive cheats are made by the developers themselves, on a separate note there was a time when blizzard were using websites to sell gold, the holding company of the site was a shell company owned by blizzard.

People really don’t care, so it will never change, so stop crying about it. If everyone stopped playing because of cheaters in any game, they would just shut down the servers and work on a new game, now if people didn’t buy games unless this encryption was in place, these companies would be forced to stop cheaters.

The sad truth. Muskets come with a hit scan. You don’t even need an aimbot. You just have to aim in the vicinity of the players.

But undoubtedly there are aimbots in this game and unlikely it is just on muskets. Even FPS games have trouble dealing with.

Hahaha, now it’s getting freaky. Be aware, the “technician” is in the building.

Kinda arrogant to think that everyone is too stupid but you as a person know the easy solution. Or in short terms: Dunning Kruger effect.

Encrypting the game files? How would that prevent a single cheat? Those files need to be decrypted and are then loaded into memory. Memory is exactly the place where cheats are hooking into, An aimbot needs info about the position of the players and gets them from the process memory. You can encrypt what you want, the client always has do decrypt it on the client in order to use then and the client is where the cheat is placed.

In reality anti cheat systems do a set of things to prevent this, scanning active processes, windows, protecting the memory area to name a few. I really remember the good old days where BattlEye integrated a kernel module to prevent memory hooks, the person behind it got really creative but was unable to prevent cheats with this anyways. Hacking is a creative process, you’ll always have a loophole.

But you surely know what you’re talking about.

because you can see your freaking RED SQUARE ABOVE YOUR HEAD is why they can see you through bushes. you guys are so sad it’s unreal.

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That guy clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, it’s some dangerous half wisdom put on a billboard as the golden hammer.

There are ways to detect cheaters, but you can’t prevent them. Simple as that. Any system you put into place can be circumvented. Just make a KVM and manipulate the virtualization below the kernel level, no anticheat can detect that.

But you can check the hitrate and accurancy of a player, and then put them on a watch list. No one with a musket has a 90% headshot hitrate.


Yeah, it’s really amusing to see another victim of Dunning Kruger again.
Maybe he is an “IT Consultant” :sweat_smile:

Exactly this. I described the BattlEye thing up in my post, people circumvented this by installing their cheats as digitally signed drivers to operate on kernel level. Kernel module couldn’t stand against that. Has been wild times have to say :smiley:

Battleye is using minifilters to block module loading, not PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine - YouTube

^ This
Trying to detect all cheats is like trying to detect all malware as a anti virus software. Not going to work out. But you can analyze behaviors and patterns to find such people.

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Just musket? Might as well throw the bow users in there to.

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A lot of cheats these days are external AI that don’t do anything to the game files. Sure they cant track you if they can’t see you, but once it identifies you, your done for.

I was recently advised of a aimbot software for new world (no I’m not gonna send a link to gain attraction to it. The software has already been routed up to devs) this software has had 31k downloads since it’s release in mid November. Make with that with what you will. This does go to show, if it seems abnormal, it’s certainly not wrong to question it)

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Aimbots are real for musket AND bows, BUT the trees thing is that they are bugged, Must of trees in OPR are just transparentr and you can actually hit people that hide behind them.

I learned this in the hard way btw, now i use it, and yes, you hit people behind trees and some barricades as well.

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Sadly our server has a hand full of Aimbot users claiming to be pros. They have a 90%+ hitrate with 90%+ HS rate. They shoot from within portals, or right to the head when you enter the render distance. There is no way in hell that they are not Aimbotting. Especially when they do shoot people in sync with 3 people in the head.

So I took their word, looked up their CS:GO profiles (same name and playing new world) and saw this. In reality those players are playing in silver 5 and got some really big complexes.

Dev team wasting time on more content instead of fixing bugs and banning players who are breaking the TOS…

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In our server, Bengodi, there are a couple of users using aimbot with muskets. They do so much damage and in wars, they some how identify healers inmediatly, so they focus all the time on them and they win all the wars in minutes. They are taking all the territories like this.

They also change their name frecuently, I still don’t understand how. They always use names like this: IlllIIIlllIIIllII. They mix uppercase i and normal L.

We already experienced in our server before, Frisland, what happens when a guild uses cheats to conquest territories. The server get empty so fast and nearly died. Without the merge already would be completely empty.

I hope Amazon is aware of this and its going to do something with the cheaters soon. If not…