Antibot system broken

why amazon hired the worse anti bot system ever?
is it because its the cheapest?

I have been reporting Gerus67 from devalouka, CLEARLY A F BOT, for over 1 month and nothing happens.

is it ok to bot now or the anti bot is worth nothing?

ye sure i also “hire” “anti bot systems” and not develop them or buy them lmao.

what changes to the topic if i use the word hire instead of buying or developing? explain to me.

do you have any mental issue that requires attention?

I can empathize with the OP, I have reported specific bots for over 2 months with NO consequences to the botters, even worse when there are many of them and still NOTHING being done.
One day I had counted 42 bots that I had previously reported even posted game videos of over a dozen botters and all that happened is my videos were removed and my thread closed down…

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But when you are not botting the error logging in claims you are and doesn’t let you play.

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately no one on the forums has the ability to assist with this. Our Game Moderation team handles all in-game moderation actions. To report a player or a company, please reach out to their team here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games