AntiCheat broke the game

Can you please fix the game? Don’t come with workaround solutions to answer my post. Nothing you have offered resolved the issue. I cannot play since you’ve introduced this sh!t


I’m so sorry for the issues your are experimenting with AntiCheat and the game.

Since you tell us that you have try workarounds and none of them resolved the issue.

I would request you to please contact us through live mediums so that we can escalate this by gathering the information of the error you have and creating a ticket to the Dev team for a resolution.

Be sure to have your game logs ready in case they ask for them.

You can contact us through live mediums by following the below link.

Contact us

Hope this information help you!

Have a nice day! :wolf:

I seriously do not get it, your customer is expected to become part of your QA team? It seems like your dev dont do E2E testing at all… This is definitely not a customer service fault but still, there has to be something wrong with process on how updates roll out. You cant expect us to keep working around things, sooner or later we might as run the program from cmd and route into your servers manually


pretty sure 99% of the player base doesnt have this issue, so no reason for them to devote resources to figure this out on their own, if u have the problem contact them and get it fixed. Seems like a lot to ask them for something that isnt affecting a huge portion of players.

Well done, an early entry into douchebag comment 2022 edition.

Absurd, they rely on players to tell them they have the entire AP servers fuked with login issues since they have implemented the latest patch/AntiCheat thing. They still want players to use support and do the investigation they should be doing. This is a server incident that should be popping up in your logs as a priority to be resolved. Wake up Amazon.

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