Any bow updates?

is there even a tiny little chance we’ll see any bow buff in the next (or before) patch?
Or at least an update that bow has been reviewed. There have been multiple bow threads in the past months and the only response was a generic, “yea, we’re looking into it”, and no opinion or ideas by devs

a few ideas on this thread i did

What exactly is it that needs buffed?
Sincerely, a day 1 bow user.

check the thread i added, or any other bow thread. Many sounds like a rant, but overall you can see the clear problem of bow: damage, mobility, execution, projectile size/speed/fire rate ecc

it just doesn’t have a spot in a war, and it’s awful compared to a fire staff or a musket in other pvp situations. In pve it’s ok particularly in invasion, but the problem is 99% in pvp


kek maybe no, would be funny though

For me the problem is primarily most around light armour protection to damage output of bow.

I regularly crit the generic GA/WH builds for less than 1k with penetrating shot. Bow GS is 620.

All they need to do in return is gravity well and spin, and I’m dead. I’d need to hit 10 time with desync, poor hit recog, and without them healing at all to kill them. Its just stupid.

Then musket or fire gaunlet just have higher damage, and/or rate of fire.

I can’t think of any scenario where the bow dominates.

there isn’t, it gets outclassed in any other scenario by any other weapon, there is nowhere where it shines: long range is musket, medium range is fire staff, fire rate in short fights still musket and fire staff, big aoe burst is fire staff, single target musket ecc.

It has no spot.

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All animation cancels have been patched out while other builds get this. Slow fire rate, slow and unreliable projectile, smallest projectile hitbox in game (can literally go through someones legs), rooted .33 after every shot killing our mobility, resilient + physical aversion armor blocks all sources of damage from bow. My 625 lazarus bow light hits my medium mage friend for 700 dmg per shot. He is full resilient with x2 physical aversion. It really doesnt matter my skill, my build simply can not beat his build. Dueling ability is toast. On top of that the devs destroyed rapiers offensive capabilities by putting cooldowns through the roof on the three best abilities. Rapier was a main pairing for the bow.

I run a war build now (poison + rain of arrows) and I think it is the only usefulness the bow has in its current state.

when i play bow in war, i just shoot cds on claps and then spend the next 30 sec like a light spear user. Literally useless to even try to shoot. And im the only one that can do it, no one else is allowed in my guild, nor i see anyone from the other guilds doing it. Bow is just so out meta that is unviable


Update: Bow will get worse in the next patch, was just talking to someone related to someone that works at Amazon and he over heard something in the breakroom.

oh no

On one of my threads like a week ago ish There was a reply from shadow_fox saying that the bow is being looked at and is on the list for changes/balancing. I can link you the thread if you want @Regios

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Scared more now, we know how AGS fixes bow stuff.


I would just like it if it got the melee treatment and removed the slow after firing. Imagine if you could move as soon as you fired. That’s all the jump cancel was ever about, it was breaking that animation so you could move.
A bigger hitbox and faster projectiles would be nice, but it is the mobility I miss the most. I think damage is ok and more so if they improve its reliability.

i saw it before writing this thread, i was hoping into a more specific answers by devs, like what problems they recognize, or just anything they are looking into specifically

im 100% sure they’ll remove the current light into skill shot combo.


I think we all know there is absolutely no possibility we get that as of how ags is right now

Here you bow update : Salvage all your bows and save on arrows

i know. it’s incredibly frustrating. it’s my favourite weapon, the one i played for 1k+ hrs since the beginning of the game, and i’ve only seen it being nerfed and nerfed.

ty for the tip, already switched melee, since i cant play bow in war