Any damage control/updates from AGS

Or are we just back at normal programming? (Excuse the pun).

They tried to earlier in the day…they couldn’t delete post fast enough though


Lol was thinking more of what they’re doing rather than removing any criticism of this patch.

Making ends meet by taxing the shit out of people in the game and using that $$$ to sell coins in the RMT marketplace. I mean game is free to play so they gotta meet their profit margins somehow and the devs gotta eat. Cosmetic shop is still in its infancy so that is not a money generator.

Jokes aside, I don’t know what they’re doing. :grin:

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Yeah there’s an element Of truth there. People are trying to work out what they’re doing and why.

I really hope there isn’t. We do not need anymore predatory mechanics in the game implemented by AGS.

The AGS mindset is stuck in 2004 when WoW came out and middle schoolers and high schoolers were able to put in 8-12+ hours a day to progress in the game.

Times have changed, people have kids, wives, or are simply just older and do not have time to put that time in. Casuals are fucked. Literally. Can’t enjoy the game unless the casual mindset is to just log in for a few, do a few activities, chill, interact with other players, etc. Then yes, there is enjoyment in that.

If, as a company, you just hope to cater to streamers and kids that have 8-24 hours a day to play, then you’re effectively slashing your potential customer base who may want to spend $$$ in the in game cosmetics store. And quite frankly that is a bad business decision.

Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. I don’t like P2W games and this game certainly feels like one if you’re a casual. People who have jobs and other responsibilities will not grind endlessly for coins because coins are cheap on RMT marketplace for this game. Swipe the CC, buy out the best gear, and put in a few hours each week in zergs and chests to farm expertise, and you are caught up. The alternative is mindless repetitive grind. But at the same time the feeling of dissatisfaction may creep in slowly because there’s no content and there’s game breaking bugs.

Don’t get me wrong, the foundation is solid, but major changes and fixes need to be implemented in order to attract more players thus attract more profit, if that is the end game goal of the cosmetic shop. And the cosmetic shop works VERY well, no bugs. So you can see where priorities lie to some extent. But if profit is the game then learn how to reach everyone.

I may be wrong anyways… Maybe this game will be just niche or a flop, or maybe the AGS team will finally unstuck themselves from the hardcore MMO mindset and really make it awesome. As it stands it’s not innovative. It’s being stuck in the past. I hope that changes.

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