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Being of sound mind, I wasn’t drunk. I broke all my things that were bind or pickup or bound to player. Sold the houses, broke the fittings in the houses. I was very proud of him, so sorry Bar&Hotel TarginaMur. Home design, New World. - YouTube. And gave away all the gold and other resources. I wanted to leave the game and not give myself a reason to play again. That’s why I did it. Can I count on the return of things, at least those that were worn by me. I’m so sorry and if you decide to return my things which I broke, I promise not to do that again. I’m sorry if I’m creating a problem for you. Best regards. ps The motivation was the people with whom I played, but I continue to communicate. They say they will return the things I gave them. But I politely refused.

What Have you Done Man! Look who you massacre your boy!

Everything is written there, I don’t think I have anything to say more.

Hello @TarginaMur,

Thanks for sharing your comments in here, sadly since you took the decision of selling/break/give away your items we don’t have the possibility to return or restate any of the things mentioned.

I wish I was able to help you with this but is completely out of our hands.

if you need assistance on any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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In any case, it was interesting to know if there is such an option. Thank you for your reply and your time. Take care!

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