Any news from AGS about hatchet bug and resilience + onyx, also north gate bypass for Outpost Rush? Been making OR a bit crap

Please disable resilience if you have to, no ones going to miss 4.5% less crit damage temporarily if you can’t hotfix it (that’s if you can’t), it’ll outweight everyone being mini hulks. Also please nerf brutes, having them regen health back to full whilst hitting me for 2-3k, only costing 500 azoth, pulling me miles from the map and hitting me with their balls inside a fort is annoying, either make them cost 1.5k, butcher their HP so we can actually kill it (thing feels like it’s tankier than baroness) or make it not regen health.

Add food stacking buffs that make someone almost invincible even in a 1 vs 10

AGS hasn’t responded to any exploit.

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