Any news on T5 Legendary Bags/Tools Compensation?

Curious if anyone has seen any discussion about compensation from official channels?

Fixed an issue with T5 legendary crafted bags and tools where the 600 GS perk was not applied if a crafting mod was used with the recipe.

  • We will be following up with compensation for affected crafts in the near-future.

Also want to know

Same, bump!!!

The items themselves were added to Live, I imagine they’ll be giving them out soon, but didn’t want to mess with it during the Fresh Start shenanigans.

they allready got some “compensating” bags in the data’s

This containers the bags will be full random ? Because I locked luck in my bags and if the compesantion comes without it will be useless for me. They should give a timeless shard with 600 and you can lock a perk

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no clue

Take a look in your inventory, it seems like they might rolling out.

Is that on live right now?


RIP, don’t have anything. Also I hope they gave you more than one.

Could be a slow rollout.

True. Thanks for the heads up and I’ll keep an eye out.

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I got one too, but I had 2 lego bags crafted. I wonder if I will get a second?
This is what I got when I opened it, not bad

It’s unclear right now. The full details are here:

Had a buddy just open his he had a random 600gs bag and logging axe and he rolled well more than what the compensation was for i dont know but it seems it didnt matter how many of the tools or bags youve rolled they are just comoensating a free 600gs roll seems pretty skimpy of you ask me especially since some i know rolled tons of bags and tools on day 1

@Aenwyn could we get some confirmation here on how these are supposed to work? If you crafted two GS600 bags, should you have gotten two GS600 Make-Good containers or is everyone who crafted one, getting one?

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The compensation at this time was one for each person impacted because players still received Legendary tools/bags.


Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:


Disagree. One bag for all our Crafts is like nothing.