Any news on transfer tokens?

My friends and I have been stuck on different servers since forever.
What remains of us were still clinging on to the hope of receiving new tokens or at least making them available for purchase from the store in the December patch. That didn’t happen although it was promised.

Now, a month later, no tokens still. And no communication about it.

Can we have someone update us on the status of this issue? Are we going to be able to purchase transfer tokens in the January update?

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Hello @Aloushka.

I am sorry for the inconvenience regarding the availability of server transfer tokens.

The servers transfers have been enabled only for the players with existing server transfer tokens at the moment, you can see more information about ir here: [Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens

But our team is still working to add more tokens in the future. We don’t have an estimated at the moment, but you can keep an eye on Official News for an update regarding the availability of server transfer tokens.

I hope this information helps. Have a great rest of your day. :slightly_smiling_face:

so we won’t be able to play mutations together i guess…?

I completely understand your disappointment in this case and I assure you that we are working with the devs to come up with the option of purchasing the server transfer tokens in the future.

As of now, I would suggest you to create a new character on the same server as your friend to play together.

Thank you for your understanding. Have a good one, :slightly_smiling_face:

Why is there so much hassle to give out an additional wave of tokens?!

Do not tell us there so much to consider… blabla… there is nothing new besides we have less servers now.

I might leave the game as well… tired of waiting… if there is no wave of tokens until the end of next week I ll drop out too…

edit;// and if the next wave of tokens will be for purchase only… This old server architecture and then draining money out of this complete farce … not for me then I am out ffs :crazy_face:

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creating new character is waste of time. just release new transfer token again.

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I probably don’t understand, but you release mutations, some other updates to save players and make the content more interesting, BUT it doesn’t matter if a person can’t play with his friends. The game becomes completely uninteresting in solo and you should understand this. Now you will have a January update, with it there will be new bugs and errors that will also need to be fixed and you will fix them for many months. Engage the players, please them and give out tokens.

Hello @RegretStill and @Belchonok.

I will make sure to relay your feedback to the devs and I expect them to take an action regarding the server transfer tokens as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:

They have to do something about the 1000’s of bots that plague the game that cause more players being unhappy and to stop playing. Then the few players like you who either miss used your first token or are a newer account and did not start on the same server.

Paid server transfers are WAY WAY off if ever because they WILL be abused. Another transfer token is in the “future” again they have many many issues to clean up before they can do that again if ever.

Yeah create new character boost 590 gs in week or 2 weeks? nice idea… deadline ~336 hours or less before 625 gs patch out.
Maybee AGS wanna add paid boost? for example like:

  1. 60 Lvl for 25k Fortune Tokens.
  2. 600 GS for 50k Fortune Tokens.
  3. Trophy Pack - 100k Fortune Tokens.
    Game already pay2win, what this change? Seriously don’t giving people transfer tokens…

PS: Leave NW too, if nothing change before 625 gs patch, because lose game progress with 590 gs almost on all items except jewelry its not funny at all, its 1 month game play or more!

Let me give you an example of how transfer tokens either b2p or given.
I still have my first token they gave to EVERYONE.
Right now the server I’m is around 1300 prime time. East Coast.
I search servers during prime time, pick the one with lowest pop, there are many with around 300-400 during prime time.
I transfer there and no life farm the crap out of the game during non peak hours for weeks or longer, fill all my storage’s with the best Nodes,refining mats ETC.
Bot accounts will just run a script 24/7 and still have a life.
Come here and cry about not being able to play with my friend btw he is on this “server” cough cough High pop one of course.
Sell everything make 100,000’s of gold quickly.
Rinse and repeat if they are foolish enough to sell tokens even with cool down wont matter because as you can see I already made all the Gold I need.

Transfer just for gold? Prices for resources almost same, 30% difference.
For low populated servers most problem OPR, Elite Chest Runs, and Expeditions - you can’t do this for 24/7, only 4-6 hours at prime time because not enough people, its not WorldOfWarcraft when you can open LFG and find any Myth+ any time.
Also ~50% Gypsum’s are not possible, because hard to find ~20 people for 66lvl portals run.

Your not getting it…

Bots account can do what I have said above…

And yes ALL FOR GOLD to SELL …

To players…

Bot accounts don’t care for OPR, chest runs…Expeditions…

Elite chest runs have been nerfed to death…OPR half the time you don’t even get rewards…Expeditions are boring AF and you have to pay a lot Gold just to run the good ones…I dont care about any of those,
Loot from expeditions is = to expertise at best so…crap loot worth NADA


Transfer tokens can and will be abused if EVER SOLD.

BTW Dungeon finder is comming.

So what if there’s bots?
Bots will exist no matter what you do… They exist now and they will continue to exist…
Personally i don’t care if someone is making money out of bots. Good for them i guess.
I care about friends stuck in other servers. Nothing else.
And if it’s really that big of an issue, then Have a few game masters in every server hunting bots. Problem solved.

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I don’t care about your friends stuck on other servers. They gave everyone a server transfer token once already. What happened? If you were a newer account why didn’t you all start on the same server??? Doesn’t sound like close friends to me.
Personally I don’t care about your problems, Your problems effect what 3-4 people.
Bots effect entire server. you don’t think that was already said 1000 times about game masters to AGS. They cant afford to that as there are 10’s of THOUSANDS of bots that plague New World.

there are a lot of people who want to get a token, and if you don’t need it, you just don’t have to take it. Believe me, we also don’t care about your attitude to our desires :smiley:

yeah… suggesting to create a new character sounds like a bad joke… :rofl: