Any news on when locked (US-EAST) servers will be unlocked?

Im trying to transfer off of Orofena to another server thats not low pop and everything is locked… any news on when they will be unlocked?


Same i would also like to know an answer to this, im trying to transfer to Oro myself.

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I imagine this dev reply today applies to most of the US East servers as well.

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thanks for the link to that comment. It would still be nice to get an answer on when we can expect the servers to be unlocked though

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I would expect after Brimstone at this point. The queues on the servers are continuing to get out of control.

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gotcha. That at least gives a timeline so thanks.

In US East, both Eden and Olympus are good to transfer to if you want to play without potentially long queues during peak play hours and when new content drops.

You can expect that all currently locked servers will remain locked, and that in the coming days and weeks we will need to lock more worlds, and open some new transferrable worlds.

While we are working on a solution that reduces the impact of returning players on queues for the Brimstone Sands release, players who are coming back now who haven’t played since March all have a free transfer token, and our hope is that you use it to head to an unlocked world. :vulcan_salute:


more servers, sooner, not later, please

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There are a lot of returning players who can’t play togheter because servers have been locked for so long now: in my case, my guild transfered during vacation and when I got hands on New World again, I just found I was alone in the server and been unable to join them for 20 days now. I don’t want to play the Brimstone Sands release all alone and neither want a lot of players who have seen how fantastic this update will be but are still separated from their friends.

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It’s probaby better to play on a low pop server since there is less competition for resources.

Get these people off Ygg, position 200 in queue no thank you

Position 200 in queue => 12min. :rofl: Comon…

KAY. This is honestly so silly. Locking servers is what causes servers to fail. It’s a never ending cycle. Y’all lock a server, the market turns to complete trash, one company beats another company a few times in a row, they leave the server. Another company says oh shit they went over there? Let’s see if our guys wanna go there too? Next thing you know, more companies start going to the new server, the competition and actual good player base/population leaves as well. OH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Y’ALL LOCK THE NEW SERVER!!!

what is the argument here? so people dont have to wait in queues? well then shiiii mayne, they can take their 5 friends/pve company and go to another server. aint no server crashing and burning because of queue times… THE ONLY BAD THING ABOUT A QUEUE IS WHEN YOU RANDOMLY CRASH FROM THESE INSTANCED WARS. WHICH SHOULDNT BE HAPPENING IN THE FIRST PLACE SO.

besides. i recall a time where this game had ~1m players when EVERYONE sat in queues :eyes:
now that all the servers are locked and people can queue dodge the pop seems to be slightly lower :roll_eyes:

tldr stop killing servers. people can see server pops. if they wanna transfer to a more populated server, they know there’s queue times, BE MY GUEST TO TRANSFER TO IT, but why punish the whole server by locking it… oh wait so the server can die and then everyone will eventually be forced to transfer for more content/comp and spend $15 :wink: <3 well played ags, well played

ON GOD TLDR NO KIZ: transfer profits > in game store profits


Cell, I’d agree that historically, server locking has destroyed companies and player populations with Eden being probably the most notable. I think saying that server locks kill servers and do no good is a flawed statement in the current environment now. In the past when servers like Eden were destroyed by a server lock, there was already a steady decline in player population and the locks followed the zerg of “competition” that ran around server-to-server. Keep in mind as well that there were many more servers at the time.

The amount of servers combined with the declining player-base lead to “dead” population servers behind the swarm of “competition” that server-hopped so aggressively (Orun, for example, was maxed for a long time and eventually dropped to peak populations of around 400 after the main zerg left).

As the moderator stated, their concern is about the possibility of a mass-return on the servers for the Brimstone Sands release. This is the first time that new territory is being added to the game and it’s pretty obvious to see that the player-base is likely to continue to grow. Servers like Orofena, Valhalla, Castle of Steel, and Maramma have many, many, many accounts that have been dormant for a long time due to all of the merges - if even 5% of them return, queues will be absolutely unbearable.

TLDR: They’re not killing servers seeing as population is rising/It sucks that people get split from their friends/The game isn’t only about you and people who play at a high-level - believe it or not, there are a ton of people that enjoy this game for reasons other than war and RP/Servers have been getting killed by “competitive” companies (due to issues with warring and territory control) more than by server locks.


In other news… Are you guys going to be adding the store shop to the main menu? It’s kind of troll to wait in queue, to log in just to transfer off a max pop. server.


Why aren’t we handling the large influx of returning players by de-linking their accounts from their current server and giving them a free transfer token to join a server on their return? this really feels like a kick in the knees to every player still actively playing the game for the chance at not pissing off some players accounts sitting on servers that have been merged multiple times.


More servers wont necessarily help in US EAST situation. Too much was merged without considering these idle accounts and multiple characters per server only allowed to those that were merged.

What I saw on the two servers opened, more so on the 2nd one, was alts being made. Some crafters went to get open resources. Some scalpers went to horde town deeds and sell stuff at super high costs for RMT to purchase. What I didn’t see happen was the servers locked being alleviated of anyone except mostly the above mentioned. Locking the doors behind people that supported AGS and paid for a transfer was a douche move. Bait and switch.

I heard deeds were going for several thousand dollars RMT! This is why people want new servers. Lets get it straight, because it isn’t for existing people to transfer.

Now that’s a pretty good idea!

If the concern is for the returning players, this sounds like an excellent solution (if possible, that is). If a player hasn’t played in several months, there’s a high probability that any company they were with has either a) disbanded or b) transferred to a different server. And with all of the world merges, there’s also a chance that the player has no idea what server their character is on.

The fact is that we don’t know how many players may return. What we do know is that NONE of them are on the new worlds you just created. So if all of those players return with the Brimstone release, isn’t it a certainty that we’ll wind up with long queues anyway? Right now, all you’re doing is punishing the active players who didn’t get to transfer with their companies and friends based on an unknown number of dead accounts. Move the people who haven’t played in over 6 months (or whatever length you decide) off these locked worlds, and you solve both problems.

So, AGS, is there a way to delink these dormant accounts? Then you could open up the currently locked servers so the current players can reunite with their current companies. Then just lock them again when Brimstone releases. Let those dormant accounts who decide to come back fill up you new worlds.

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