Any other avid mountain climbers here?

Looking over Weaver’s Fen


Yes! It’s probably the single thing that truly sold me on this game during Beta.

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Yep. No screenshots but Im sure people have seen Mountain Maniac running ledges way up there looking for the next hand hold. :smiley:

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I love how the game let you see so far. You can spot resources 100s of meters away. They need to increase tracking distance IMO to account for the fact you can see the resources far sooner than the tracker.

Personally, I think if the tracker was increased there would be to much clutter on your overhead. I mean if you can see it no need for the tracker.

But if you running alongside a mountain and you notice a blip then you can attempt to locate. If it was increased then there would be no searching at all (even though there are interactive maps).

Just my opinion. Making the tracker longer holds more peoples hand.

I have to agree that expanding the scope of the tracker (which part of me wants very much) would ultimately just clutter up the compass. I’m already wishing that there was a toggle setting to turn the tracker on and off. The more I gain the ability to track things, the harder it becomes to see the compass marker’s I’m really looking for.

The compass should give you the ability to set what it tracks

Thank you very much! I needed this information. Do you mind telling how you change that setting?

I need new glasses and those dang pigs and turkeys look like something to mine at first to me most of the time lol

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It doesn’t help that to me (old eyes, old glasses), the boars on the compass look like bison and the carrots look like turnips. :laughing:

Actually, I’m just grateful that there IS a tracker at all! I love how much it improves the “quality of life”.

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I’d suggest forming a mountain climbing group (My friends and I did that in another game and had a blast), but we’re probably all on different servers.

I don’t think it is a setting. I was just saying that we SHOULD be able to set the compass to just track what we want that we have unlocked tracking for.

Oh, darn. I misunderstood. I agree with you, though.

If there was a (good) video game based around mountain climbing, I’d buy it in a heartbeat and nobody would see me for six months.

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