Any plans at all for a new pvp content mode?

This game desperately needs a new mode of PvP content outside of OPR and Arenas, especially with the lack of ranked mode/MMR/PvP ladders. Ranged DPS and PvE are waaaaaay too dominant and easy to play in OPR, particularly because 9 times out of 10 you have no healers (or at least no reliable healers) on your team. The PvP community has already said so many times that PvE never belonged in a PvP mode to being with. It would be fantastic if we could get some sort of 10v10 or 15v15 that allowed 10/15-person ranked premades, or at least some sort of skill-based MMR for regular Arenas/OPR.

Probably one of the top priorities, just in my opinion, is a class balancing mechanic for PvP. It’s miserable going against 10+ bow players in OPR and having none on your own team, or having no healers when the other team has 5+. There needs to be some way to balance the composition of the teams out, because most OPR matches are EXTREMELY 1-sided stomps.

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They should make 2 Opr Modes. OPR Ranged and OPR MEle

They should take some ideas from Blizzard and do a capture the flag and payload delivery mode.

I’ve reached the point where if i don’t see new pvp modes on the 2023 roadmap I’m just gonna delete my character and uninstall.

No way in hell I’m doing OPR for another year.

I think I seen that ranked was coming in the roadmap. Nothing about new modes though.

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