Any plans for a diminishing returns? Or set stat requirements for said kills?

kinda silly that everyone is rocking IG as a side wep just to abuse ice wall. The ice wall is becoming the most abused newb skill in the game. Such an easy skill to land in wars and zerg PVP and it majorly changes the outcome of a fight.

Or the major stun/knockdown rotations that make you unable to do anything.

Can easily be added so once stunned can not be stunned for another 3 seconds only for that CC. Once knocked down can not be knocked down for another 3 seconds. Or once rooted can only get rooted once every 3 seconds and the same with snares.

Each CC should have its own DMR this way you are not killing solo builds but still balancing bigger fights and some cheese builds that are overwhelmingly dominating the server.

This would also stop the need to nerf things like the void scream root to 1 second. That did not need to be done all it needed was a DMR.

If You do not want to do DMR than you can make it where said skills need to have said stats in order to use it, AKA Ice wall requires 200 int. G-well requires 200 str etc. This would prevent the mass abuse of CC weps as a side wep and open up a lot more builds to shine.

Instead of DMRs I would suggest that one skill of each weapon tree on a weapon gets a CC remove. When you are trapped in Ice showers for example, you can use an ability to break free. The IG user gets the benefit of having you waste your ability just to break free but you can still keep fighting. That way combat becomes more tactical and people really need to consider when to use their cds and not just use every ability on cd.

That would be an aka nerf no need to nerf basically every PvP game has a DMR for this reason. If you take abilities out you are changing way too much IMO.

A break out of CC ability though like a purge would be decent but it can not have a short or a long CD, and they already have it with berserk. I think a DMR is a better balancing system

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