Any plans on merging low pop servers?

Like the topic says are there any near future plans on merging some servers? Groclant took pretty much a 50% player loss from transfers after some huge drama, Would transfer as well if it wasn’t for some of our company members just transferred over here a couple of days prior to the player hemorrhage started.

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Only non answers so far. Merges should already be happening imo as they knew this would happen.

Why give free transfers if they don’t have ETA on merges? This doesn’t make any sense and a lot of people already quit because of this.

Yeah the amount of servers sure was nice at release but now it feels like its like twice the amount needed =P

That’s because those servers were made so people could log in on the lowest que time servers to at least play the game. They were destined to die, because you were somewhat forced to play on them when you did not want to.

So bugs + playing on a server you never wanted + not being able to transfer = Quit

The mergers were probably meant to happen, but the amount of bugs/instability became to much each week. So if they did mergers now, it would only increase instability and bugs.

All you would see is the following…
“Help Character lost”
“Help Items gone”
“Help gold gone”
“Help Help Help”

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I was doing a review for old posts, Im sorry for the late response.

Please check the following:

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2


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