Any short term plans to merge low pop servers?

Curious to know if you guys have any plans on more merges in the future. I am from US East and noticed that Orun/Pluto/Ohonoo have been low pop for some time due to people transferring out. I assumed there would be an uptick of returning players after the arena patch but that does not seem to be the case.

Thank you for listening!

OPR is almost impossible for me to get into now on ohonoo(i do not play peak hours, but had no problem getting into opr before), and the people queueing for it are even fewer now that they can queue 3v3 or just fort trade in the open world(separate issue)
dedicated players are being punished by these transfers leaving servers empty, and since there is no solo content the exodus really leave the server in a bad spot for alot of players, and the only control players have is to buy a transfer token, only to be put back in the same situation of a dieing server in a few days/weeks spending 15$ wouldnt be bad if it felt like i was going to be on a better server and it might stay that way, but every time i transfer to a “healthy” server it changes in a massive way and people either quit all together or they just switch servers, neither seem healthy for the game

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Its to early to say theres no uptick. Its summer and a major outdoors holiday weekend in the us. You wont see the uptick, if we get one til next week. As someone who identifies as a pve player i dont think you will this patch did alot of damage to pve and focused on pvp for pvpers that seem to have long bailed on new world.

You’ll wait months until there’s literally 10 people left playing. They did that to Bifrost.

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