Any updates to whe. I can play?

Is there an update for us east to play again? This just doesn’t look good.


Hello @Peterslum!

As it was indicated before on this thread “[Notice] Server Issues” under Official News we had a major problem with a service in US East that affects New World and many other services.

There is no update yet or time frame since the problem is not with New World only.

I would recommend to keep checking on that same thread or the official news section, it will be updated as soon as our devs have more information.

Have a great adventure :crossed_swords: :shield:


Thank you

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It’s not rejecting my login anymore but it is showing the server I’m on is under maintenance now, so maybe soon?


yeah I think the issue with AWS is resolved, somebody needs to flip the switch and turn maintenance off.

Have the same screen, so I guess it’s progress. Frustrating that it’s taking so long because it was my day off and I have trees to chop damn it :rofl:


It’s not my day off but I too have trees to chop :sweat_smile:


Actually there are still a few services at amazon having issues, but most of them are up. However, I don’t know which are needed for new world, so our trees will need to continue to wait for us to chop them down.


But muh…ironwood! Seriously though, felt pretty disappointed when I got up late, walked the pup, made myself a smashing coffee, sat in front of the computer with a satisfied sigh and…login failed! Reminded me some days I had with WoW back in the days when server maintenance would take way longer and work got cancelled over a blizzard or something but it was Tuesday so couldn’t play until later in the evening anyway.

Ute-Yomigo has a play button now maybe…maybe…maaaybe

So in reality what you are saying is that the gateway on the game doesn’t have redundancy in it’s backbone? I mean, only US-East-1 was down down but what happened to the other regions that AWS provide? They’re still up… I wish this was thought out as part of a BC/DR plan. I know it’s only a game but I see it as a service that was purchased by a lot of people and at least a good BC/DR plan should’ve been in place if any outage happened. I like the game and I’ll still play it but man this is really frustrating on the user side. The other part is communication is non existent. Last update was about 5 hours and it said, it’s being worked on but I’m guessing not by NewWorld staff but by waiting on Amazon to resolve the issue with AWS. Anyways, sucky day at work and sucky day trying to take mind of stuff.


Amazon and their gaming division having a real rough go. This is like amateur’s hour… They don’t seem to want to give themselves any break. They want to tank their game as hard as they can as a challenge to see if they can save it some how. I applaud them for challenging themselves.

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I just got access back to forums and was able to log on the game and get to my character screen. The worlds are still “under maintenance”. Guess I’ll find out if everything is still there in the morning.

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Servers are appearing now as well as characters, but worlds are under maintenance? Can we get another update on this as it appears things are starting to look normal?

I wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow, lol.
I mean like, what new fresh hell will these incompetent devs unleash upon us?

Maybe our inventories will start disappearing items or, or maybe they’ll ban every legit player instead of the bots by accident…or, or maybe accidently delete everyone’s progress and start from scratch.

Maybe they’ll be able to corrupt our very operating system itself so we have to reinstall the entire thing like eve online did with playstation back in the day.

I mean, the potential of this game and the possibilities are endless! \o/

@Italianman you mean the one updated 8.5 hours ago? the one that says

“The team is working on it, and expect to have it fixed soon.”

so much for soon

It’s been like that for 2+ hours now

8+ hours :slight_smile:

not the part where characters load but play button says world maint, thats what i was talking about


So why are the servers in Maintenance if there is no issues with them?