Anybody else got wrongly banned?!

What a shame, after the long wait, actually the last wave of servers to get online again, i just get a error that “Suspicious Software was detected” WTF?! I did not installed anything at all since weeks other than the game, now it decides to detect something as suspicious?

I am not alone with that: Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected

This thread get’s not seen much as it’s in a less visited sub forum, so i’m gonna ask here if you have the same issue…


This is awful…
I hope they fix this now.

Next thing we know is that we are all getting banned, just for playing the game…

I mean, they already kick people for being afk while they actually play the game.

They are paranoid, attempting to fix fishbotters by making the afk system based on character location area, not on button presses, etc. And they do not care about the frustration they cause by their rushed crap patches which even need to be extended to 11hours. I do not expect them to keep the game alive for all too long. Thats why i am somehow happy i got false banned, better now than later. Just regret i bought ingame store items just before that happened. I must be a real cheater, buying cosmetic items for a lot of money and using cheats. If i would use cheats, i’d at least not do it on the account/machine where i bought expensive ingame stuff.

But well, AGS seems to not care at all, still a lot of chickens eat what they give them.


You’re presented with a pop up warning if you afk for an extended period of time.

Nobody actively playing the game at their keyboards are kicked for being AFK.

Stop spreading disinformation.

Now your entire OP is thrown into doubt by this statement. :popcorn:

I mean you have zero research and base this off of no information. There are reddit post showing someone actively fishing as well as using the market with no bot movements getting kicked, but im sure you know best. :clown_face:

Yo Clown cause a handfull got kicked out if hundreds of thousands doesnt make that a fact lmao

I see there are a lot of Amazon fan-karens

Lots of people are getting banned for simple and completely rational conversations here in the forums. The moderators are out of control!

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I mean, the OP sounds like a nice legit person. But how do we know he doesn’t have dodgy shizz on his pc ?

I mean look at OP’s post history apparently hes been kicked for “fishing normally” hes been stopped from logging in by Easy Anti cheat before already.


Untrue. It happened to me yesterday. I was playing with weapon skills, back and forth changing things up. I clicked the button to set them and got kicked for afk, no messages appear in that screen. Heard someone else say same thing happened to them in the market. The messages seem to only appear on the main screen. So yes, please do stop spreading misinformation.

also, look who created these posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup seent this happen before as well, one that isn’t common but happens too, when you are leaving a city that has an and active invasion, you get killed for leaving the “play area”… That happened to my friend in everfall the other day.

My observation, albeit anecdotally, is that while there’s a pop-up warning, the pop-up logic is (probably unintentionally) blocked by a number of activities. I.e., if you’re standing around idly in the main square of a town, the popup will show, but if you’re deep in the crafting interface, the game seems to go “Oh, they’re busy” and skip showing the pop-up.

But not, y’know, the actual ‘this player is idle’ logic.

Which is, uh, I’ll go with “probably not the intent”, along with “somewhat counter-productive”, as it means people who are actually idling get the warning, while people who are actively playing and focused on a specific activity (but not moving, as a result) may get punted without the warning.

(That said, I’d lay strong odds that’s a situation they’ll address/fix in the next bugfix set.)

Yeah, I saw soooo much about this.
Sure, lots of people that complain might be hiding something - But if only 40% of it is real its kinda insane.
At this point it gets scary to chat in game. Especially since a lot of those bans seem to be permanent bans, which I think is a bit extreme. Even for people who actually were rude or used offensive vocabulary, I think for the first time a non-permanent ban would be alright (Depends on the extend of harassment ofc).

I was actively fishing and filleting fish in my inventory with my partner and got kicked. Not alt tabbed out, not making a coffee. Sitting. Right. There. Playing. Please don’t accuse others of lying or spreading misinformation when there is a legitimate issue impacting players


So… you can play now or you are in the same problem?

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