Anyone Actually Experiencing This?

OP is claiming that they get 3-shot by brawlers (non-specific) with full Voidbent, 11k HP, Diamonds in sockets.


I’m 100% positive they’re either lying through their teeth, or some form of damage exploit is going on.

If this is on the PTR there is a stacking bug that lets you run around one shotting each other if you get it high enough. I’ve seen people doing 14k a swing with rapier light attacks.

I’m not sure how he knows his opponents are using diamonds.

Specifically says on Ursa server, live. Read the post. Also that’s their equipment, not their “brawler” opponents.

I did.

He immediately refuses to provide any sort of proof.

What’s the reason to believe any of it? Seems like he’s just exaggerating. Brawler builds can chew through entry level PvP gear, but it still takes a while to kill someone in voidbent.

Every outpost rush there are 2-3 people that do this. They’re in tank gear, you’re doing 20-100 dmg to them, they’re blasting you for 3k a hit.
They’re immortal and reporting them does nothing. Calling their stupid ass in public seem to have results, thought.

had a Great Axe user in OPR yesterday that was 2-3 shotting everyone by himself. i was double hit by maelstrom for 3k+ each hit. It was absurdly high damage. Autos were 2.3+. Couldn’t do anything after the gravity well hit.

During the Hatchet exploit I experienced this but not since that fix. Heavy armor is definitely meta and you realize quickly that the other armor classes aren’t working correctly because the damage scaling isn’t there. Since then I have not noticed any 2 or 3 shotting but I wouldn’t be surprised there is def a gap between low gs 60s and BiS 60s but I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen any confirmed damage exploits in the last week. It is suspect he doesn’t want to post proof but he would have to record it for it to be 100 percent confirmed.

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I play on Ursa, and whoever that person is, he is telling the truth
But i am not sure how that works as we did go to wars and we were getting easily killed in few secs by their brawlers/ mages.
Ice gauntlet frost spike can one shot any void bent heavy user or any person for that matters if they used it on the last spike and the ice storm effect (as it is bugged which i am sure about, which deals way way more than what the description on the ability says).
There is a bug where not only the mages gets extra damage on targets that are in frost area effect , but everyone else too, so what people in Ursa do, is they mix their roaster with how many ice mages they can get and many axe users, sometimes you are being hit for 1k each hit with axe , and other times ur being hit by 3k (all light attacks), now honing stones might increase the damage for some time, but it is not just honing stone as it is repeatedly steady damage of 3k.
I am not really sure what is it bug or exploit or covenant in Ursa are way too strong but thats how it is in wars in that server.

There is definitely some funny business going on in Outpost Rush. People stopped sharing their secrets in order to avoid nerfs.

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If that’s the case then why are people so reluctant to show video proof of these exploits so they can get fixed? Seems suspicious to me.

edit: i will send a video in a few

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I’m almost sure this is the food stack exploit.
Apart from being untouchable, their regen is ridiculous when all 20 of us gang up on one and finally manage to kill him (while suffering 8+ losses).
You can stack your food if you eat it in a specific order, same for coatings and honing stones and it can be done further with lagging the client.
This is 100% an exploit

Anyone experienced some new ultra damage from hatchets again?
Got destroyed in Outpost (live server) with 2 hits multiple times yesterday. Heavy Armor user, just hatchet and Leeeeeeroooooooy the fck out of us in seconds.

No he didn’t say he’s dying in 3 to 4 hits, he saying he’s dying in ¾ of a hit.

As funny as it is, they do specifically say 3 hits earlier.

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