Anyone else feels like they are behind?

i just wanted to play :’)

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“behind” what? Is it some sort of competition. I was under the impression it was a game.

Yeah it’s the issue with MMOs. There are rushers, to be sure, but even for people who do not rush, there is the issue of “staying with the pack”, because if you fall behind, you generally get left out of things down the road.

In this game, though, because of the queues and the fact that so many people can’t access well at all right now, it’s not the case that if you’re in that boat you are falling behind generally. There is a huge amount of players in the same boat with you, so you aren’t falling behind the “pack” of players. You are falling behind the vanguard of players (and some of those may be in your company or in your friends group), but the “general pack” of players is not ahead of you, so you shouldn’t be worried about falling behind of the pack. You’re behind the vanguard, but that can’t be helped at this point – the fact that lots of players (most players) are in the same position you are is comforting in that it means you aren’t falling behind the pack.


Queue World is a great game!

And I am fortunate enough to not really suffer from f.o.m.o.

There is always someone better and faster than you. Judge your experience by what you accomplish, not what others do…

I know that’s like telling someone sad to “just smile”… and that’s not honestly my intent. I hope you can find joy in your journey.

First, thanks for not being toxic, people here seems to like it Lol.

Secondly, yeah i didn’t actually thought about it fully, probably just frustrated asf due to the queue.

Thanks tho.

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Don’t feel behind! The game has only been out for 24 hours. Some people were fortunate enough to play all day, others (like myself) were not.

I played for 3 hours and got to level 12 pretty quickly. This game is a marathon, not a sprint. Play the game the way you want to play the game - you’ll ‘catch up’ no problem!

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Thanks buddy.
Yeah was just a bit annoyed due to endless queue.

its more that there are choke point quests and they can hold you up because of low or slow spawns

Lol honestly, what bothers me about the quests are the fisherman, he gives u a quest to go half way across the map while the rest of the quests are on the other side ><.
Could use some mounts or something >:)

Unfortunately, this is to be expected. New World is kinda the first REAL MMO to launch during the ‘streaming era’. This is automatically a recipe for disaster.

With that said, I’d rather suffer through queues for the first few weeks then be playing on a ‘dead server’ after the first 2 months.

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im level 14 and ill stay away for 2 weeks for IRL reasons. imagine how much ill stay behind ppl racing to the end…
But sincerely… who cares?

EU servers are having almost same numbers of players in game and in queue. 180k’ish in game and 178k in queue.

What the hell?

Eh, glad they didn’t “force” pvp , else people who higher lvl would fk/zerg people and then questing wouldn’t be that fun if u are behind but yeah.

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I got to level 22 on the first day now I’m wanting to just enjoy my levelling exp but as of now I can’t and the little communication from the teams is a major red flag for me.

Maybe this is not a race but it is painfull to pay 40 € to be stuck in queue, killing by upper levels than yours in pvp, don’t be able to play with your friends, etc.
I told them in the feed back during the bêta. World of warcraft is over, people are moving to new games. That was writen that servers were going to be overrun.
I was waiting after a better management from the biggest entreprise of the world. We only got 4 servers fr/en (clearly defined) so 8000 people playing at a time. It s not about rushing or not. It s about respect of the clients. Sry it s offencive but it s what am thinking.

If you’re having fun racing through things, then yes. It might feel like you’re behind but give it some time. Those players that are now ahead might also have some days away from the game due to circumstances so in one way or the other, you’ll catch up.
My advice to you is just to enjoy the game and dont be driven by competition.
I have to agree that the queue is ridiculous - especially when you can get kicked from this same queue and put in the back of the line. This has happened to me twice now.

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I am level 11 with 2 chars in different server…but i want to play only with 1, it look like impossible to play after 16pm → +5k queue.

From yesterday they didnt fix anything for me.

im a old wow player… if i was afraid by “left behind syndrome” in the last 17 years probably ill be hospytalized in an asylum.
Good choice anyway not to force PVP.

LMFAOOO i just got to 300 and got the error, lucky it didn’t push me back in the queue.AshamedGratefulAcaciarat-max-1mb

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no i dgaf what level anyone else is…