Anyone else having issues logging in? US West Servers down for now

Who knows at this point i pinged 1 of the community reps wel find out here soon

Happy Anniversary

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Both our US West servers had queues recently. Maybe they were adding another server and something went wrong?

Hold tight guys, the team is working on it. A public announcement should be coming soon.



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Thank you looks like ill go outside and touch grass for a bit oh yeah its vegas there is no grass so ill go touch rocks or something least i know it aint on my end so i dont have to trouble shoot

Thank you


[Notice] Server Issues - US West - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

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Server was acting funky last night so if its going to get some attention im good with that

Glad I wasn’t the only one. First No Ticket found, then No Internet Connection.

AG - Fix your game!

US West El Dorado Login currently DOWN

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I think their announcement stated both W servers were down


Im going out for a bit lol yal carry on the thread without me the issue has been identified

happy anniversary?

It is causing issues for other regions also. It is stuck just on the us west and will not let you switch to another region.

yup same.

Server has been laggy as hell for weeks you all need to feed the hamster or something…


how about that thunderstorm though? shit was wild