Anyone else having trouble getting Iron Hide

Mobs that I usually get Iron Hide from all the time, haven’t dropped 1, only Thick Hides. Anyone else having this problem?

they changed the “hide” tier level drops, should be in the update notes what it was changed to

They do that today? Because this morning, I wasn’t having a issue.

well, post update (which was today)

  • Changed level ranges in which creatures drop hides.
    • New/Updated Level Ranges:
      • T1 = 1 to 35
      • T4 = 36 to 55
      • T5 = 56 to 66
    • Previous Level Ranges:
      • T1 = 1 to 41
      • T4 = 36 to 50
      • T5 = 46 to 66
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The maintenance for EST was 9am to 11am (I was on at 7-8am when I read it on forums so yes, started today so no mess up, it is in effect

Oh ok, I wasn’t trying to find the patch notes, but I don’t see them anywhere, so glad you listed it.

The patch notes are in the Official News “[Downtime] Arenas Update.” Its maybe ~3/4 down or so.

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