Anyone else notice the economy sucks

The problem is there’s no vendors to sell junk to, there’s no baseline price for things. People start mass undercutting each other to make sales and the market is just flooded with items.

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I have never not once been short on anything and I am 150+ in all crafting and skills. You should be picking up every supply crate possible. I even ran lower areas for crates as there are far more crates in lower than higher and they are easier to get.

NOW the crates drop a lot of loot. Before, they were skimpy as hell. That’s why everybody was short on vital ingredients for lumber and tannery. Those items were selling at the trading post for way more than anything else. That tells you how scarce those supplies were overall.

i doubt anyone will read this but the biggest problem with the economy tanking is a few simple reasons.

#1 servers were locked and no new blood to keep clearing out a lot of the stuff in the auction house.

#2 no alts, and that really is the main reason that the economy is going to keep failing, gamers like Everquest, WoW etc do fine with items that dont break is because there are always new players and new alts being made and the auction house gets for the most part rotated out and cycled.

#3 way WAY too much gear drops, if it was me i would say crafting comps, health/mana pots, and gold should be the only stuff dropping from regular mobs and chests.
very rare gear drops from elites and rare chests, and bosses/minibosses drop just gear/weapons/rare craft comps.

They should have made it all craft based, all the more rare mats drop in harder areas, everything decays to the point of breaking and no one should be able to learn every single craft, if everyone can make anything they want and will eventually get there why would they buy what you are making, granted you have your lazy people but, it’s not going to be enough to fuel an economy. Star Wars Galaxies had it just right with their crafting system, not only has no game even come close to touching it’s intricacy but, it was the sole backbone of the game/economy. Everything broke so it had to be made again. Vendors would help in allowing us to in a sense “print” our own money for services rendered. This will also allow for all materials to find their place in the price brackets they belong in. Hopefully AGS has someone/s skimming these forums because the answers are here. We have all been playing these games forever and are the ones who know best what they lack.

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I made a thread about this in beta. It’s just silly. Why do they even need to shower you with common and green crap at level 55?

Just give me 1-2 tradeable epics and a few rares, and everything would be good.

Legendary mats and weapons will be expensive, chests and bags will have a high price for a certain time and almost everything else will soon or later be at 0.xx gold pieces. Player driven market so who cares? it’s a player driven problem not a game system problem.

I see a solution here:

  • change the loot rate of finished products (armor, weapons, consumables, etc.) to 1:10 of what we have now.
    This Will lead to almost all the finished products to be crafted by players.

  • Raise up the loot rate of raw materials instead of finished products (from Monsters, missions, rewards etc.) to close the gap from previous change.

  • insert a Town Vendor that can only buy (not sell) the finished products for a baseline price based on item tier.
    This price Need to be less of the crafting cost of the item (stimated in mats and time required) so to push crafters to sell only junk to Vendor and valuable to the market.
    This Will put in Place minimum viable price also for the open market.

I had just posted my long rant about econ somewhere else so ill just link it here rq.

Tldr demand will never be higher then it is now because ppl wont need new loot and while supply will also drop it wont drop by even a hundredth of what itd need to.

This is bs. You don’t NEED full loot PVP to fix the game. It is just what you really want, when the minority does not. What we NEED is more reason to salvage the loot. Repair parts and a tiny amount of gold is not it. Gear should salvage for a certain amount of tier 1 mats based on its type and tier.

This fixes the economy and supply/demand problem…and it gets high level players off those iron nodes/hemp and moving on with more level appropriate content in the game. This drops the inflated prices for these products. This makes crafting less of a pain in the rear.

Its a full win without drastically altering the game. What you should have is a full loot pvp server. You don’t need them all to be this way.


I think the game is going Free to play model myself, the more i keep looking at it the more it should be there now. Sure its fun, to a point… The burn out factor is also real in players, rinse and repeat solo quests.

Yeap one I’m in is so bad don;t even bother with it anymore

Why would they be forgetting this…you can do it in every mmo…

So your fix is to flood the market with even more mats got it…who’s actually going to buy armor off the trader to salvage when they can run a dungeon and get at least 600 pounds of gear for free…

No you cant. Most MMORPGs make you select a race and job, and you’re stuck with it unless you make another character. This one they’re all available at any time.

Your build has nothing to do with your race

I’m not sure if you’re purposely trying to be an idiot, or just completely misreading what i wrote originally.

Was misreading I guess :laughing: you have a valid point but so do I you being a tank has nothing to do with you being a human​:rofl: my bad

This is a key issue, I think.

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