Anyone else notice the economy sucks

This is rather common in MMOs in general. It’s better to sell now rather than a month from now when prices are tanked.

except that for “named” loot, they are not random, far from it.

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Because dumb AF AGS team have no idea that NPC vendors regulating in-game economy by buying players items for X minimal price.
That’s why some genius people selling stuff for 4g at trading post with 2.5g commission.

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, you actually lose money on resources for creating items. So let’s say you craft an item and try to sell it, the price others are selling it for us below the material cost of the item. You can make more money resource gathering only and selling, then you’d make on a crafted item. Not only would you lose money on just the crafted item, but you made me realize you’d also lose all the potential cost of your materials used to level up.

So if someone is crafting for money alone, they’d be better off just gathering and selling the resources alone. Though if more people realized that, the economy might shift in favor of created items (as the resource side would get flooded). Maybe?

Great so a whole company made 1000s how about each person ? I was also buying certain stuff cheaper and reselling it but, it’s kind of hard when everything is .01 :slight_smile:

Not any more! Thank god.

There is very little gold in game fullstop so for those who remember the muppets posting basic ammo at 5g per item during beta its must be a shock they arent coining it in. Kinda glad I can afford to buy the odd item that doesnt drop to upgrade my gear at a decent price rather than having sell my children into slavery or buy it online. Bags are the only constant expensive item on my server and thats fair enough when people want to get back the money they spent on materials.

my favorites are the ones selling for 0.05 with 0.99 commission :grinning:

I see those as them just being happy to give stuff away cheap even though it costs them (i.e. they don’t want to waste stuff).

Well, I use the market a lot, especially to buy weapons that the game refuses to give me of my level or for ammunition, especially musket since gunpowder is difficult to obtain. as they say it takes time for the market system to settle. it is a matter of knowing when and what to buy and when and what to sell

I am routinely selling the random lvl 30-40 blues and greens that I’ve been getting for 75-400g a piece, just look for stat combos or perks that make sense together. It takes about 2 minutes to list 10+ items. Set you auction time to 1 or 3 days if you don’t want to pay the fee for 14 day auctions.

If people are listing stuff for 5g its usually useless stat combinations or bad stat/perk combos. When I am looking at the trading post I am looking for very specific stuff. Identify the items you’ve found that might fit someone else’s specific requirements (there are a lot of combinations for this), and list it somewhere between 50-500g depending on how good that combo is.

It can be very difficult to find a great stat/perk combo for a piece of gear on the trading post right now. When you do find one list it, the amount you get for it might surprise you.

completely agree. the market is more complex and useful than people think or realize

We were saying this back in closed beta as well. The economy will tank extremely fast and so it has, but nothing was done back then and nothing will be done now.

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I was looking at the tradepost in weavers fen today.

Star metal ore was selling for 0.1g
Iron ore was selling for 4.9g

It just seems to backwards to me.

Jesus crist its simple supply and demand. There is no demand for star metal becouse nobady can craft with it anything becouse most people are barely hitting lvl 30. While iron ore is bough by many players beocuse they actualy can use it to skill up craftinhg Economiy is fine its just in your head that value of items is based around rarity. No value of items is based around supply vs demand.

I think it’s different on each server. Things sell reasonably well on my server, especially cooked foods. Boiled potatoes and boiled cabbage sell for 35g all day long for 1. Low level jewelry, armor, weapons sell for 10-20g, motes, gems, essence. I see people listing bags & high level stuff for over 1k. I don’t know if they sell or not though. I haven’t bought a house because I won’t be able to afford the taxes but the economy on my server seems ok. Not spectacular but ok. Maybe this will change over time.

Agreed. It’s still unclear to me why it was deemed a good idea to have weapons and armor drop at the incredible rates they do. At least during alpha, mob drops would return raw mats when salvaged and you could even put drops on the market priced specifically with salvage value in mind.

The far better route to have taken, in my opinion at least, would have been to drastically reduce armor and weapon drops from mobs, replacing them instead with raw resource drops which could then be transformed by crafters into usable commodities. Players who had no interest in crafting would still be acquiring viable trade commodities as well and thus have a consistent means of participating in the marketplace, both as buyers and as sellers.


Not all wow guys are carebears. I always played on a pvp server and always had warmode enabled. I like a good challenge :wink:

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You can’t have a PVE happy land theme park MMO and a healthy player driven economy. To have a player driven economy gear needs to be destroyed but that is too “hardcore” now. They could easily put in a system like SWG had, the game even already has repair kits but this will not happen.

There will be some things you can sell to make money but 95% of stuff will not be sellable.

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Hardcore pvp mechanics like that don’t draw the level of consistent player base that a game like New World requires to be fully functional and alive.