Anyone else notice the economy sucks

I mean I literally said that, it is consider too hardcore of a mechanic now. We have a game with a gearscore treadmill with gear dropping from mobs and mostly useless crafting (legendaries the exception). I would love for AGS to put something out clarifying their long term plans.


It’s almost like every single settlement being it’s own private market works to the detriment of the overall economy…

…Maybe the markets should be combined into one, global market?

I notice it sucks in lower level areas that’s flooded with crafting mats. Higher north there’s not much posted, and people tend to buy items at a higher price rather than waste 200-300 azoth hinthint*

I actually travel all over to buy the cheapest things, but I’ll normally plan out my route first.

Hmm, maybe, but they’re a lot of games with successful trade where things do not break. I think honestly we’re so flooded with equipment that it makes it worthless. I’ve never had a game where I hate receiving armor and weapons. And even if the stuff could break, it’s still to much. Why not make weapon/armor drops more rare?

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Yeah the disconjoint Trade/Auction houses do not help the matter at all.

All shards should be linked together for each region.

But keeping it disconnected forces people to under cut others cause travel time just to post somewhere else would be a waste of Azoth.

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Yes lets blame the players for the game not functioning properly. Not the devs, you know, the people who actually make the game and create the mechanics used to make player economy. Wonderful logic.

Blaming this on WoW players is so silly.

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I scrap items that I cannot sell or just sell on a loss even if they are high tier.
Currently everyone is pushing for 200 of their crafting so the markets gets flooded with crafted items and the prices droped.
As soon as most of them have 200 achieved prices will start to raise as they only craft if something really sells.
Meanwhile you can make a fricking fortune by just selling resources for crafting. It is insane (if you choose the right resource of course).
I mean simple stuff as cabbages sell for 10 or more gold atm on my server… and you just need to pick them up in lowbie areas.

Townboards and grinding crafting levels are inflating a lot of resources, on the opposite side of the scale players levelling the player level and grinding xp are flooding the market with certain items.

The market and pricing now and in 2-3 months will look completely different, but there are still some major valid concerns buried beneath a swathe of complaints that are just a temporary results of grinding for levels/trade levels.

Unfortunately the problem is deeper than that. Starmetal is worthless because you cannot make the Ingots without the same amount of Iron which is a huge bottleneck, resulting in players having stockpiles of starmetal they can do nothing with because players are finding the metal while they adventure, but have to stop what they are doing and grind farm routes for hours to try get the Iron needed to make the Starmetal useful.

Many crafters are at a point of using Starmetal so it is in demand in that aspect, but being able to craft items with it is no less Iron intense than low lvl crafting. Iron is intensely needed from 1-200 crafting so its value skyrockets because demand does indeed far outweigh supply and it is an issue because it should not be so skewed - there should not be so high a dependence on a mat - it is literally required to do almost any crafting.


I remember in the alpha, players where complaining because they could not even pay their repairs because they can’t make any gold. Selling at the trading post was worthless

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Yeah, it’s just crazy to me that people would use bags to level up, it’s so inefficient. You make more exp crafting the first set of gloves for your mat costs. But for sure on the town board stuff. Hopefully it’ll calm down as people hit max level.

  1. no gear destruction (from full loot PVP) = broken econ
  2. broken econ = dwindling playerbase
  3. dwindling playerbase = dead game

… no profit…


Every item in New World needs to have a literal coin value added to them with an NPC who buys them from the player to create a minimum value for everything.

Gold gains for the average solo player needs to be increased asap.

Equipment that drops from monsters needs to be unrepairable and only crafted gear can be repaired.


Just wait until you start farming for gear at lv60. Repairs are 90 coins per weapon for a full repair. I will undercut even if it means I’m selling the item for less than it costs to make because I need the cash flow. No revenue means my purchases and gear repairs come to a halt.

One solution is, to make ALL crafted items sellable. Or as I suggested in another post, to make bundle items on the auction house. So you have to buy a stack of mats to get them cheaper. Like buying a stack of eg. 100 iron, they cost 0.5 a piece but if you buy only 1, you have pay 0.8gold. Player decided of cause

How can you be bothered when the trade post UI is so bad? Takes like 8 minutes to put up a trade

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You mean the economy that was literally designed around pvp, where resources are distributed across specific zones where there is faction control and pvp would make farming said resources difficult and put into the control of the faction that has them, thus spurring more fights over territory in order to get control of those resources for your faction.

But everyone can go everywhere and gather without worry, creating a never ending supply of everything you need, and the only thing that even matters is Azoth.

No item loss.
Small capacity servers.
Never ending, safe supply of resources, with zero faction control.
Repair material that doesn’t facilitate item loss to drive the player generated market.

Yes, the markets will be like every other MMORPG market, instead of the EVE online like market the game was originally designed for.

Once most people on the server have the easy to aquire end game gear, there will be no market beyond cheap food and pots, which the market will be flooded with and everyone will sell for .01; which is already happening on my server.

PS: The markets would have literally been a big part of faction control, now factions only purpose is to make it cheaper to teleport.

Independent markets are meaningless without the pvp that split up the resources among factions.


Still you got isolated marketplaces so you can sell to nobody AHAHA

Everything is starting to become worthless… you got things like water selling for 10x the price of gold ore.