Anyone else notice the economy sucks

But water is free and the easiest resource to gather. What is wrong with people…

Personally water doesn’t get sold at all on my server but I wouldn’t be surprised to see people trying to sell it.

common gear drops won’t sell because stats don’t matter for the normal person while leveling. If people are grouping for expeditions then someone might be looking to buy gear with certain perks or stats to maximize their runs.

The real economy will hinge on crafting / gathering and selling gear with those perks should always be in demand. If you find an piece of gear with +2 min GS it should sell for a ton. + to gathering or rare find should also sell.

some items white, green, blue are meant to be salvaged for the repair parts / small coin return

The player base has given AGS plenty of time. The game is no longer new, and much of the player base is seeing the problems that excitement once hid. The time to fix this is now, ANY delay only exacerbates the situation and I’m not sure the economy is even recoverable at this point.

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Yeah, this is one of the first games where I’ve been able to frequently upgrade my gear through the AH/trading post. Meanwhile, I am making a steady amount of money from questing.

The thing is that in the real world, I have a practical basis for what a ‘good economy’ looks like. In a game world, a great deal of the needs of life aren’t important, so the any definition of good or bad economy seems arbitrary.

Besides have the stargates being such sharp chokepoints, Eve Online’s a solid model to build on for pvx, exploration type mmo’s. The economy system was pretty engaging.

I said this in the 4 day of the game, in max 2 months and one is nearly passed everything will be at 00.01 because everyone will be able to do anything that anyone else can so we have nothing to focus on to be able to offer something, this Is happening when we have no profession on crafting. W8 a bit more to see how we will all run out of gold because of repair and taxes cost.


You honestly think that in 2 months everyone will be L60 and wearing all of the crafted BiS gear - while the market will be selling all of the mats required for that massive crafting effort for 00.01g?

Not necesarly but at lvl 60 you finish all quest that give some decent amount of gold, so even if you wont have end game set, you will still not have gold to buy it since the higher tier the item are, the higher lvl you are, the highest quality the items are the repair cost keep growing, for example now a repair cost me 100-120 gold.

Well, I have been playing casually since launch and I am only lvl 23 atm, I took a long time rerolling and deciding where to play, anyhow I am finding it more and more pointless every time I log in to engage anything from gathering to basic selling stuff looting drops or chests. Non of it makes sense to the costs of repairing gear to the amount I pay for posting items on the market. Even SWTOR has a more engaging system even with there Massively inflated economy. Personally I am not sure where they derived this economy from, it obviously wasn’t anyone who knew how mmo markets work but that’s my opinion.

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In other words, no - in another month everything will not be selling at 00.01. Your premise rests on the assumption that everyone will do everything; that everyone will max weapons crafting, engineering, armor crafting, cooking, & arcane while also getting every gathering skill high enough to collect every mat they need…and at L60 will - instead of buying the thousands of iron ore (just one example a resource at the base of a crafting materials pyramid) they need to craft end game armor/weapons - go gather it all themselves.

I think your assumption is fatally flawed and that, due in large measure to the built in resource pyramids in crafting, there will always be a market for low end refined mats and raw materials.

I thought crafted repairs kits don’t cost gold when repairing. You salvage all that junk gear no one wants to buy and craft repair kits for the tier you are wearing.

Granted you might not have a crafting station high enough to make your tier of gear.

Ok, just screenshot this and we speak again on 20-26 December 2021! If I’m wrong I’m paying a bottle of whatever you enjoy to drink and just in case don’t pick up one of those that I would need to sell my car to pay for it :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that crafting anything it also cost gold. With the gold income that we can get atm in game (except those quest that we will all finish and without new players to come to get gold from those quests to buy what we can craft, frame etc.) we wont be able to maintain the repair and taxes.

Repair kit Is usable only on 1 item and it also cost money to craft or to buy them and since is 1 kit for each item it cost more then normal repair.

You’d need Master Repair kits to repair stuff for level 60’s (tier V). Each kit consumes 3 unique craft mods to craft and Engineering 165. Repair kit components would probably cost more gold than using repair parts and they tend to be pricey on the market.

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Between crafting taxes, trading taxes, and market fees. I am sunk. I never even got to the property tax.

This is not economy :slight_smile:

I have only read about a third of this thread, but have a thought to share on this. Just like the fishing nerf, we think due to so many bots. When something is so lucrative gold-wise, everyone will be doing it. Some of us love fishing & gathering even when it doesn’t net so much. I think everyone is going overboard on this part of the game because it’s so lucrative. I have always enjoyed these things, when the masses think me crazy. I believe they will get it balanced. Takes some time!

I hope you are right, I wish you to be right about this one.

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I think we forget the value that alts used to bring to the economy in other MMOs, as well keeping the lower levelled part of the market goods in better economic condition. With the average level of the server population constantly increasing and only a trickle of new folks (or in the case of some locked servers no new folks), the financial incentive to even populate the market with a variety of goods is just not there because there is no market or a glut on the few items still used.

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Bottle necks, lack of characters, lack of selling gear to vendors, lack of pvp/pve servers, lack of getting new people on the servers, and lack of gaining money from mobs will bottle neck the whole system to just be a game played for a couple hundred hours.

The bottle neck is real.

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With the amount of item and resources bukakke in this game it is well expected that almost nothing will be of value.

I just went into Dynasty Shipyard expedition run with an empty bag. Came out with 41 items in my bag (epic, rare and uncommon).

This game is probably the worst MMO I’ve ever seen in terms of economy. It has a really gorgeous world and good flow of combat so I still enjoy it though.