Anyone else thinks this will be broken?

Rapier, hatchet, spear…gl fighting against these builds

Edit: I added a second picture for people to get the actual idea what I’m talking about

2 stamina gained every hit on 5 armor pieces = 10+ 8 stamina from the weapon that’s 18 stamina on hit every 3 seconds

They already had the damage when your stamina wasn’t full feature. The energizing actually makes it harder to maintain the buff uptime while you will be able to dodge more you’ll be forced to dodge more which means less uptime on dealing damage.

I’m not talking about the damage part, because the stamina gaining effect can be found on multiple gem types. I’m talking about the fact that you get up to 24 stamina on hit every 3 seconds…

The stamina regen on hit, will make the damage bonus smaller on these gems. Yes it makes dodging more frequent possible but it also nerfs the damage potential of the build.

So you will just take another gem with the same effect. Are you for real? You really focues on the gem type, as you think that was the problem mentioned in the topic? …

24 stamina on hit each 3 seconds sounds little OP actually.

I’m thinking on auto attacks from spear with left tree ulti perk.

It already hurts.

Edit: shit, dismiss my comment, it’s when stam is NOT full, my bad.

I look forward to being able to block with my round shield…

They should put a delay between each dodge, only with that you solve everything.

Yeah, that is the interesting thing… with the GS having taunt built in, this is a massive perk for tanking.

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I agree that it will be good for tanks in PVE, but it’s going to be imbalanced in PVP. Which armor do you see abusing this gem the most in PVP, heavy ?

SnS, Now it will be more difficult to leave it without stamina to be able to kill them.

Keep in mind, you secrofise all rezistance, + 3 sec cd,

Not really a PvP player, the root problem is it can’t be balanced easily in the PvP setting… They tried and missed the mark with ‘PvP-only perks’. Honestly, instead of nurfing things they should mark some skills, items, etc as none-PvP or does not apply to PvP, since the player mechanics and the NPC mechanics are so far off on a lot of things.

So many people are already running out with a number of different loadouts(the expectation is the dex meta LA people that try to do all content B/R), I really think they just need to fracture the PvP from PvE a bit more than they already do.

how is that 24? 2x5 = 10 from gear and 1x weapon makes it 18 for 3 sec delay hit,its not a big deal as people think it is.

you cant put new gems on the jewels.

disagree. it’s 18 stamina at most with a 3 second delay. 18 Stamina in the world of stamina management for a tank is nothing. You know what it’s really good for, though? A Light dex user that has even MORE stamina to play with. They already have the power to have a potential of 6-7 rolls in a quick succession due to perks and weapon skills, but now they can bump it even further with this. Just making a single attack towards someone during your rolling can net you 76 Stamina due to Dex’s 150 perk, Shirking Energy, and the 9 maximum stamina on the ring.

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I have checked and you are correct.

However, it is a big deal. Remember what Exploitation does for hatchet? This is similar but with double the value, 3 sec cd and no condition required to get the buff except attacking