Anyone know why I can't see the PTR on my Steam account?

Every community announcement post re: the Public Test Realm says that I should now be seeing it as an item in my Steam inventory now… but I don’t. Would love to get this resolved in time enough to participate today, but either the guidance is incorrect or just vague enough to confuse the heck out of me. Help? Please? Thanks in advance!


what time do you see in the announcement?

I realize the servers will open at 12PM PST (3PM EST my time), however, in addition, as per the announcement posted yesterday at the two links above:

“By the end of today, everyone with a copy of New World will find the New World Public Test Realm application in their Steam library. Downloading this stand-alone application allows interested players access to check out the latest preview version and provide feedback.”

Was making sure I didn’t miss downloading the PTR client if it was available ahead of time before the servers opened.

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Was just about to ask the same question, it is said it should be in the library by now - though wording is somewhat confusing “by the end of today” (no surprise there given how minimap is being handled :weary: ).
End of today for some of us already happened! And clearly the client is not yet available in the steam library.

Given is a standalone application it would be helpful to be able to download ahead of time indeed, but at least the communication should be CLEAR, not vague.

Be vague


Work on communication


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Yeah same I cant see it either. I don’t think it’s released yet.

I can’t see it either. Sad, because that void gauntlet looks sick!

Nearly time for PTR to be live and client is nowhere to be seen. @Luxendra you know anything ?

bump… 1h till the PTR servers are supposed to be open … !? @Kay or @Luxendra or @NW_Mugsy

We’ll let you know when we hear any additional information! I’m going to close this as well just to keep communications about this in one place. I’ll also update the Official News post.