Anyone know why in a modern game

In a modern game we don’t have a mini map, no mounts, and we cant que up for outpost rush unless we are in a town… Small company or something?

Mounts and no minimap are design choices, nothing about being modern or not. Does every game need mounts and a mini map? No.

I don’t want a mini map or mounts.

  • Minimap: Not all modern games have minimap. This has the compass, like in the Elder Scroll games, that serves same purpose while take less screen realstate.
  • Mounts: The design team went for an emergent gameplay design, consisting on giving the players goals far away from the quest hubs, then making them walk there and have them encounter stuff by chance (enemy mobs, enemy players, secrets, pieces of lore, panoramas, etc) that results in “emergent” fun. Mounts or free teleports would make players skip over the lanscape and delete all sort of emerging gameplay.
  • Location-based UI elements. " Skeuomorphism is a term most often used in graphical user interface design to describe interface objects that mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and/or how the user can interact with them." The game designers opted for increasing immersion by having as little UI as possible floating about. Most of the interactions you do in the game require you to go to an actual table, board, stand, etc and interact with it as if it was the real thing.
    If you think on it, all crafting, mission taking, instance sign up, etc could have be just done in a window launched from the main menu or something. But instead, you need to go to boards and tables. That is intentional, to make it feel more real and less like we are launching minigames from an abstract UI.

Totally agree mini maps just make you look at them.

Resource over there. Look at mini map. Mine it. Repeat.

At least you look at the world without one. I’d like inventory use while moving though.

The maps are too small for mounts. But perhaps automated travel system that Star Wars Galaxies used to have.

Every so often a cart leaves for another town. You can use it for free travel. Every 5mins or so.

I know azoth, instant travel. But if you craft a lot and use azoth for that.

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Oh your right it’s you peeps that are coming from console , and need to feel like your still playing one. Every mmo since Ultima online had a mini map. And the map is not to small for mounts especially when I spent more hours running quest to quest , back and forth to the same area across the map and back again. I didn’t feel immersed in the world , I felt annoyed at say level 30 running from zombies and wolves that were level 10. Far from immersion. Also I don’t call sitting in a town in front of a faction npc immersion either.

I come from MMOs not console and I dont feel we need mounts or a minimap either.


If the compass were not such a half assed, lazy implementation I might agree that it replaces Mini-map. But as it stands it is poor which means everyone used to a Mini-Map is really missing it.
Admittedly even if they do improve the compass, people will still be wanting a Mini-Map. Not even ESO, despite being a branch of the Elder Scrolls games (all of which used compass), got away with no Mini-Map for long

Are you saying I come from console, for real? Please don’t make blank statements like that, because they can work against your point.
I started with a ZX Spectrum, jumped to PC in 1990, and ever since.
Been tru Ultima VII, Diablo, Ultima Online, Ragnarok, SW Galaxies, WoW, Aion, LOTRO, ESO, E:D, Gloria Victis… Also Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Witcher III…

Less is more, in many situations.
I played MMOs with minimap for like over 25 years since UO, and probably I can count with one hand how often I actually used the minimap for something that the compass doesn’t achieve. And that thing took like 1/9th of the whole screen, and for what, exactly?

I give you it’s more useful than the compass for immediately knowing where your companions are. But nothing that a slight improvement on the current compass cannot get.

Nice title, have my click sir.

I like the cart system… good idea.

Well I guess it’s enjoyable for some to hit M repeatedly to see where your group is or where you need to go. So immersing.

Please tell me how a mount or a mini map is immersive though. You keep using that word but never explain how those additions make the game more immersive.

Yeah, I remember the waiting for the shuttles next to the protocol droids, to go to the next planet or next town.
I would like that, to avoid running between Everfall and Windsward all the time, or having to spend azoth or buy houses all over the place.

Still, I don’t think mounts are needed for within region travelling.

How about… you just look around you? lol

Yeah. It also adds a small hub for people to duel/talk.

Remember the day the “entertainment” droids got added at the shuttles?

Was like a rave party every 5 mins. Smoke and lights and dancing Wookies asking for your spare change.

What server did you play on?

Infinity here.

Many aspects of this game remind me of SWG.

Hopefully they add unarmed combat. Want my TKM back.

Screw the mounts and mini-map, concentrate on learning how to fix a bug without creating several game-breaking bugs in the process

So checking a map to know where you need to go in a game set in the 17th century is not immersive.
But having the equivalent of a realtime satellite view monitor with radar, and Friend-or-Foe pips blinking around is?

Immersion aside, In a game without tab-targeting, where you need to be aware of your surroundings and need all field of view you can get for aiming at and fighting enemies, the fewer obstructions on the screen the better.

Try unequipping both weapons! Light attacks are punches, heavy attacks are kicks! :smiley:

Until I can slap someone on the side of the head and make them flop about like a fish for 5mins while doing my Unarmedhit3 (amazing names for attacks) spinning red ribbons around. I won’t be happy.

Ultima Online came out some time in the late 1990s. Elder Scrolls Online came out 2014. No mini map with ESO. There is an add-on for PC players though personally I don’t think it is needed.

Would be nice if there were icons on the compass that represented your group that would always show in front of any other icons on the compass.

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