Anyone tried making money from Trading post but never did?

Hi guys, just wondering if there are players that are not making money trying to play the Trading post?

I tried selling some Legendary items before and no one really buys from my experience.

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I make mad money selling stuff at the TP you just gotta know what items are worth selling because even though some items are Legendary doesnt mean they are worth paying any money for.

What type of items are we talking about here? Somehow I get some Legendary gear that are Bind On Equip but no one buys, so its like I cannot make good money.

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Im talking armour and weapons and flipping items on the TP. You have to know what items are worth for example a resil, shirking fort and say vigor armour piece depending on the server is worth probs worth aronud 10k if it has con on it. Its a good 2 perker even tho its legendary, like you just gotta know what people want and need. ofc that means you need to know what PvPs want and what PvE players want in terms of Gear. For example for pve a Bane, rogue weapon will always sell.

Trying to craft Legendary items cost a lot of Cooldown mats and gold as well for the craft mods, so I cannot quite understand the math of making these items. I can craft Legendary Armour, but like I said its not cheap and some of the craft mods are very expensive on my server Abaton.

I tried selling through Trade chat as well, but no one offers any offers anyway, it is like no one has gold to go around or something, so it is weird. I just cannot make big gold currently and have no idea what to do exactly currently.

Crafting is hard to make money with because if you do the math behind it rolling a BIS item worth on retail servers 400k+ you got a chance of like 1/1600 I think it was. I legit just run M10s on FSS and make money and samething with Retail. Running dungeons you get alot of money and sometimes some good weapons/ armour to sell. I know that ppl which make money with crafting craft around 200 pieces of X item at once.

I only get Bind On Pickup Legendary items from Dungeons, and can only go M2 Mutation dungeons. No one else wants to do mutations currently or can do it successfully from people I know, so this is a problem. I also need gear to go to mutation dungeons, so this is a problem which I think needs to be looked at.

Help me make more gold, I don’t know how currently, it is very slow everyday. What you are saying is not really helpful currently, because M10 is like not everyone can do currently.

Run normal tempest to get a full set of corrupted ward gear always the first set you should be pushing to 625.

Go farm normal mats then. Look on the TP and see what is worth while farming and its easy money. When I first started out all I did was farm mots and sell greenwood for months. Alternativly do chest runs.

Even if you cant run Muts yet with your guild or friends run normal dungeons, sure most of the things you get is BOP but some stuff is still BOE and then you have to look what perks are on it to see if its worth selling or not. Im not sure if your watermark is at 600 yet but if yes dont salave any purples because those also sell even if its just for 500g-2k or more. You would be suprised what ppl buy