AOE Healing Auto Attacks

Please bring the AOE effect back on the Life Staff auto attacks. It shouldn’t trigger on every player body it hits, only when the “Bullet” hits an enemy or the ground. There should be a small AOE healing effect.
Otherwise, your auto attacks become nearly useless. They are only useful for reducing the cooldown on abilities.

For example on boss fights, when you auto attack the boss with light attacks, the tank or melee DPS should at least get a small amount of health back. (With the AOE effect)
Any fight is over the moment you have to shoot your teammates with auto attacks to heal them while your skills are on cooldown. It’s hard enough to hit a moving target in a stressful situation.
It would be so much better to shoot on the ground next to your teammate to successfully heal them a bit. (You can reduce the number of players being healed by the AOE effect to 3 ppl for example → would also reduce lag in war and the effect would only be triggered once)

Hitting an enemy or ground → 1 time spawning the effect
With light or heavy attacks

Hope to hear from you about this change.

Greetings from Germany.


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