AP Southeast LERNA down for mainenance?

Hey! Just went to log in an Lerna is down on AP Southest.
Cant find info online just that this is the only world on AP server under maintenance.
Do we know how long it will be for ?
and why its down?

Nope. No heads up, no information just slammed it into maintenance about 5-10 minutes ago AGAIN. Love when they do this on weekends

yeah a bit mental isnt it. dont know why they don’t do this early morning

US West Phlegethon went down a couple hours ago with no word either.

Yeah, we don’t know why its down, and I just started a genesis dungeon with my orb :frowning:

hope you get your orb back

Yea I hope, but at this point I’m not getting my hopes too high, from what we’ve seen its not looking great though

Hello @NigeyThornbs

Thank you a lot for the report. Im sorry for the situation encountered. It was needed and emergency maintenance, thank you for your patience understanding.

I would like to know if you can play now.

Thank you in advance,

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