AP Southeast Server Merges when?

Wondering when merges for AP Southeast merges will be happening? Is there going to be some sort of timeline? would be nice from AGS to give us something as Ive been stuck in my server waiting for a month with a very low pop for any word and its mid december and still nothing on anything for our entire region let alone our world server.

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It’s great to be on the other side of the world and ignored.

I am waiting too…
My main character is stuck on an EXTREMELY low pop server, AP Southeast, Pangaia Theta, Hsuan. At this time there are 50 people playing. Earlier today there were only 20 people playing.

Many people WON’T play on low pop servers and have left for another server, or just left the game. It is disheartening when you have spent time with a character and cant play her. I have done as much ‘farming’ as I can do and am extremely tired of just doing that. I want to do other content like dungeons, invasions, outpost, I can’t even CRAFT as all the stations have been totally downgraded.

So please, merge our world sets as soon as possible… leaving it till a later date will be too late.

get all the void bent you can, mine everything ! get all the solo resources and crafting up, trust me you have a blessing in disguise !!

I have done everything I can… all my storage areas are full… All I can do now is WAIT…

I am losing my patience.

I know what you mean @Lady-Hexx - I’m also on a Pangaia Theta World - Barzakh - and although things are not quite as dire for us (around 180ish players), it’s a struggle to keep up the crafting stations or do group content.

Look me up when we merge, always looking for new people to play with (Landi in-game) :slight_smile: Hopefully, it’s not too far away.

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I will look you up… when the servers merge.

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we always get the short end of the stick here anyway in general unfortunately.

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yeah for us theres heavy toxic aura in our server too after certain faction members up and ditched to another and floored the map and are now unironically asking for help for townboard upgrades and invasions when theyre wrecking us with extreme taxes and acting like they need to be high to justify the invasion loses and downgrades when I know theyre making profit, gearing up all their people and the rest of our world is left to deal with whatever happens after merge, Ill be blocking them all on merge.

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So good to know we’re the lowest priority and most low pop servers will be completely dead soon but they don’t mind as long as all American servers are done quickly.

Any dev want to chime in? give us on apparently the least priority region some sort of time/date approximation on when merges will happen here? when our servers are a ghost town or soon?

@Kay @Luxendra

Well… my server is already dead…

27 players at this moment…

Yup… DEAD!

Anyone from the Tau world set? All servers need to roll to one to even partly be viable then still the world set it lucky to see 1k players at peak.

Later they will either need to merge to another server in a different world set. They can can so many of the AP servers honestly

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yup only one in my world set has a world thats somewhat healthy, all the rest of us will have to merge into it because the rest together wont be enough for a healthy server.

No… not in Tau… but my main character is in Pangaia Theta. A VERY low World Set. All of the servers in that need to be merged… and even then it won’t be enough to make 1 good-sized server.

They will HAVE to merge different World Sets together.

My other character I have been playing for the past 2 weeks is on Pangaia Mu, Utopia… I chose this because the server numbers are good, and playing on a good-sized server is SO much better than a low pop/dead server.

I wish they would start merging AP Southeast servers…

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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon AP Southeast server merges ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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they don’t even bother for us in AP Southeast

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Seems they are going to merge some Aussie servers soon…

[Downtime] Preparation for Server Merges in Central Europe, US-East, US-West, Australia.

I hope both your and my servers get some love from AGS.

Hmmm… maybe these things ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ work…

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Yeah, we are the lowest priority. How is this a surprise?

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Well here is the list of which servers are going to be merged…

Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge.

AP Southeast servers to be merged

  • Karalku, Duzkh, Lemuria, Khmun and Luggnagg for Pangaia Zeta.
  • Agartha, Eridu, Yama, Yomi and Lindalino for Pangaia Eta.
  • Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia for Pangaia Theta.
  • Buzhou, Fusang, Laputa, and Acherusia for Pangaia Mu.
  • Kyphanta, Cynthus, Crommyon, Cretea and Kressa for Pangaia Nu.
  • Myrkalfar, Batala, Puyok, Ibabawnon and Heorot for Pangaia Tau.

Hopefully your server is in this list… Mine is…

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